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Kichcha 47: Will Kiccha Sudeep's next be Cheran's most commercial film to date?

Although the first-look poster doesn't reveal much about the genre of the film, one still gathers that there are elements of crime and bloodshed in the film.

Kichcha 47: Will Kiccha Sudeep's next be Cheran's most commercial film to date?
Kiccha Sudeep to work with Tamil director Cheran very soon

Last Updated: 02.07 PM, Sep 03, 2023


Much to the delight of the fans, Kiccha Sudeep's 50th birthday on September 2 brought in a flurry of updates. On the eve of the special day, KRG Studios revealed that their maiden collaboration with the actor will also mark his grand return as a director. In the same vein came the title teaser of the Kichcha 46 with the makers (finally) announcing that the title of the much-awaited film is 'Max'. 

Sudeep, as revealed by the same teaser, plays the titular role in the film which is directed by Vijay Karthikeya and produced by Kalaippuli A Thanu.

But the surprises wouldn't end just there. With Kichcha 46, or Max, taken care of for the time being, fans were then treated to another special announcement of Sudeep's subsequent outing, which is tentatively titled Kichcha 47. Turns out Tamil filmmaker Cheran, who was rumoured all along to direct Sudeep in the near future, will helm his 47th outing with Sathya Jyothi Films producing it.

What does Cheran have in store for Kiccha Sudeep fans?

The first look of Kichcha 47 has, of course, got everyone talking mainly because the poster only alludes to what the film could be about, without divulging any of the key details. We see the central character's face kept out of view but the hands are covered in blood, meaning that there is an element of crime involved. The genre of the film, too, remains unclear but considering that Sudeep is currently in pursuit of revamping his 'mass' image at the moment, could we expect this one to be a commercial actioner? Well, at least that's what a few netizens reckon at the moment.

Cheran, who made his debut as a director more than 25 years ago, is well-regarded for making films that are largely set in rural areas with human relationships and social hierarchy as their central themes. The filmmaker has won multiple national awards over the years for his poignant dramas and it is safe to say that an 'action entertainer' isn't exactly his fully realized forte.

So, it would be rather interesting to see what Sudeep and Cheran are putting together. Will the director, indeed, choose to step beyond his comfort zone? Or does Kiccha Sudeep plan on mixing things up with a more 'content-oriented' film that's not as massy and commercial as the rest?

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