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Kill Me If You Dare OTT release date – Catch the Polish comedy about a couple ready to kill each other for lottery prize money on THIS date

Kill Me If You Dare OTT release date – The Polish dark comedy film will drop on Netflix right in time to spice up Valentine's Day with its hilarious and murderous premise.

Kill Me If You Dare OTT release date – Catch the Polish comedy about a couple ready to kill each other for lottery prize money on THIS date
A still from the trailer of Kill Me If You Dare

Last Updated: 03.17 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Netflix is ready to expand and encapsulate global cinema. Instead of sticking to only popular or English titles, the streaming giant has chosen and handpicked original shows and films from different languages and regions, ranging from Poland to Japan to South Africa. This time, Tudum is ready to serve a dark Polish comedy, Kill Me If You Dare, just in time to add a touch of danger to the otherwise saccharine atmosphere of Valentine's Day.  

Release Date and trailer of Kill Me If You Dare 


Kill Me If You Dare will stream on Netflix from February 13, 2024, onward. The film also dropped a trailer that follows a couple’s marriage that starts collapsing and takes a darker turn after winning a lottery. The cash prize of a million PLN is enough to create a paradoxical situation in which both spouses are convinced that the other is out to get them in order to be the sole inheritor of the money.  

Essayed by Weronika Ksiazkiewicz and Mateusz Banasiuk, the couple is further confused by their friends and well-wishers, who advise them to strike first and murder the other. The result? A hilarious and dark set of misadventures that also have a solid sub-text commenting on the fragility of modern marriages in the face of money and environmental pressure.  

Iconic moments from the trailer

From carrying knives to bed to taking deliberate vacations in mountains, where accidental deaths are ‘too easy’, the comedy builds up on its murderous premise, with each attempt, whether accidental or deliberate, more dangerous than the last. One almost feels their hearts pound with concern when Weronika’s character nearly falls to her death while rock climbing, just because her husband is too ‘busy’ or ‘shocked’ to notice the rope slipping from his fingers.  

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And let’s not forget the trailer’s jaw-clenching dinner scene, when Mateusz’s character almost chokes to death while his wife sits and chews with wide, unknowing as well as nonchalant eyes. But whether these are devious plots to actually kill one another or just accidents will only be revealed, along with their marriage’s fate, on February 13.  

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