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Koffee With Karan S8 E10 – Saif Ali Khan REVEALS he felt more ‘feminine’ than Kajol in Bekhudi mahurat shot

With Episode 9 still reigning supreme on Disney+ Hotstar, Karan Johar serves up a fresh Koffee With Karan brew with Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan

Koffee With Karan S8 E10 – Saif Ali Khan REVEALS he felt more ‘feminine’ than Kajol in Bekhudi mahurat shot

Koffee With Karan S8 E10

Last Updated: 03.12 AM, Dec 28, 2023


Guy it's finally Wednesday! Your favourite Koffee With Karan is back with some new spices and twists. Last week we got to know some interesting facts about Ajay Devgn’s debut, his working experience with Ranveer Singh, his thoughts on nepotism, Rohit Shetty’s getting back on track after Cirkus failure, his struggles with financial crises, and more. This week Karan Johar is back with the legendary royal family – Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan together for the very first time!

Sharmila Tagore's funny side

Beyond the stylish twinning of the mother-son duo, what truly captivated us were the interesting revelations about Saif Ali Khan's younger days. Witnessing Sharmila Tagore's playful side for the first time was pure treat to the eyes! After years of leading a private life, her candid family anecdotes felt like a glimpse into a whole new side of her, making it absolutely appealing for viewers.

Saif Ali Khan's feeling more 'feminine' than Kajol

However, while talking about Saif Ali Khan’s debut, Karan Johar brought the topic about his chemistry with Kajol. For the unversed, Khan was supposed to make his debut with Kajol in Bekhudi (1992), but got replaced with Kamal Sadanah. When Johar started discussing the mahurat shot of the film, Saif jokingly revealed that he felt more “feminine” than Kajol in that shot.

The Bekhudi mahurat explodes with a joyous dance sequence as Kajol and Saif Ali Khan whirl across the set to ‘Jaha Teri Marzi Tu Le Chal Waha’ song. Their vibrant costumes, Kajol's orange top and Capri pants contrasting with Khan's black and grey, add to the playful energy of the choreography.


Sharmila Ji's feeling upset for Khan's getting replaced

Back to Koffee With Karan, after making the joke, Khan shared that he was very excited about Bekhudi, but director Rahul Rawail was not satisfied with his attitude, and therefore “chucked out” Saif from Bekhudi. Even Sharmila Ji revealed that she called Rawail up and requested him to take Khan back, but he did not consider the idea. Tagore’s way of remembering the moment seemed like she left a little insulted.

Kajol and Saif Ali Khan's first film together

Despite Bekhudi’s cancellation, Saif Ali Khan and Kajol shared the screen again in 1994's lighthearted Yeh Dillagi, with Akshay Kumar adding another layer to the romantic triangle.

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