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Koffee With Karan S8 E11 – Janhvi Kapoor doesn't want to date an actor, but why? ‘I want some to be obsessed…’

Karan Johar is back with the sisters, Janvhi and Khushi Kapoor for the first time after the massive success of Bawal and The Archies

Koffee With Karan S8 E11 – Janhvi Kapoor doesn't want to date an actor, but why? ‘I want some to be obsessed…’

Koffee With Karan S8 E11

Last Updated: 08.46 AM, Jan 04, 2024


Hold onto your mugs, folks, because Karan Johar's back with Koffee With Karan, and it's hotter than ever! Disney+ Hotstar has been simmering with spicy celeb confessions and scandalous revelations since October. Each episode is a masterclass in juicy gossip, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, desperate for the next morsel of Bollywood drama. If you're looking for a show that's guaranteed to raise eyebrows and stir the pot, Koffee With Karan is your cup of (very strong) tea.

Following the success of the last episode featuring the Royal family, with over 6.1 million viewers tuning in to see Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan grace the couch, Karan Johar has now welcomed another set of captivating guests, the sister duo, Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor.

Topics of discussion in this episode 11

This is the first time the Kapoor sisters attended the show together, after the massive success of Bawaal and The Archies. This episode also marked Khushi Kapoor’s big debut on the show. Other than being super emotional about their mother Sridevi’s death and revealing about their dating life, the siblings talked about their special moments with their father Boney Kapoor, about their next projects, and also how they are handling the social media trolls.

Jahnvi Kapoor doesn't want to date any actor

When discussing her personal life, Janhvi Kapoor made it clear she has no interest in dating actors. Her reasoning has surely left you curious, hasn't it? This statement instantly reminds Parineeti Chopra’s statement long ago, when she said that she would never date any politician yet got married to APP (Aam Aadmi Party) member Raghav Chaddha last year.

But why? The reason

“It’s chaotic for sure. I think vanity is such a big part of this profession. I’m extremely vain. I think a profession is something you need to be obsessed with all the time. And it consumes you completely. The thing is, I want someone to be obsessed with me. The thing is, you need someone to be okay with your…(long pause), like there needs to be a balance. Who is okay with letting you have your moment?” Janhvi shared.

While talking about the problem of dating actors, Janhvi shared, “I find with actors that they get very competitive. They get very weird. There's always tension when there's an actor. I'm telling you, and I can't deal with that tension because I like to be undyingly devoted. I think when you are in the same profession, it's difficult. Specifically, this profession.”

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