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Koli Taal on OTT: Where to watch Abhilash Shetty’s missing rooster mystery

Abhilash’s directorial debut, in which he has acted as well, was a hit on the festival circuit

Koli Taal on OTT: Where to watch Abhilash Shetty’s missing rooster mystery
A still from the film

Last Updated: 03.23 PM, Nov 10, 2022


Koli Taal, a simple tale set in a quaint little village, was Abhilash Shetty’s directorial debut. The 85-minute film had a good run at the festival circuit, following which it also got a limited theatrical release in May this year. At the time, Abhilash had voiced his concern about the lack of support from exhibitors and OTT platforms for “festival films”.


He had said, “Forget theatres, even OTT platforms do not show interest in films that have been in the festival circuit, irrespective of the accolades won. Their focus continues to be star-driven projects, even if the content is not great. Audiences also do not watch content-rich cinema in theatres; there they want a ‘paisa-vasool commercial entertainer’. Films like mine should head to an OTT platform after the festival run, even if they don’t take it as an exclusive deal, at least if they can give us a pay-per-view option is also fine. What is happening right now is that there are national award winning Kannada films, which end up on a hard disk after the festival run, as they don’t get a theatrical, or, an OTT release. I want to make sure that my film does not have that fate. The objective of making a film is for people to see it. Over the last year and half, Koli Taal had a fantastic film festival journey.”

Well, Abhilash’s pay-per-view formula is what he’s eventually been able to get for his film. Koli Taal is currently available on Amazon Prime Video, albeit on rental only. The film is based on Abhilash’s childhood memories of visiting his grandparents in Sagara. It follows an elderly couple who are eagerly awaiting the visit of their grandson, whom they’ve not seen in a few years. As part of their celebration, they earmark a rooster for the dinner special ‘Koli Taal’. When the time comes to get the chicken ready, it goes missing, sending grandpa on a mission to find it.

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