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Konkana Sensharma 'was familiar with the concept' of OTT before it became big in India; reveals she 'was dying to...'

According to actor-director Konkona Sensharma, there is a lot more self-censorship nowadays, even in the web space.

Konkana Sensharma 'was familiar with the concept' of OTT before it became big in India; reveals she 'was dying to...'
Konkana Sensharma

Last Updated: 04.45 PM, Jan 30, 2024


In addition to making a lasting impression on the silver screen, renowned actress Konkona Sensharma has demonstrated her extraordinary talent in the field of the OTT world. Her captivating portrayal in the series Killer Soup, which was released on Netflix was her most recent over-the-top endeavor. The actress garnered a lot of appreciation for her role in the show. Recently, Konkona discussed the increasingly common practice of "self-censorship" in an interview. She also revealed that she was familiar with the concept of OTT before it became big in India.

Konkona Sensharma on self-censorship in OTT content

Konkona Sensharma shared facts about the changing content creation scenario on OTT platforms in a recent interview with Hindustan Times. She saw a noticeable shift towards self-censorship. “Everybody is very careful about what they are saying, you never know when an FIR will come. A lot of self censorship is happening, which was not there a decade ago,” said Konkona. 

But Konkona also revealed that although there was censorship, it wasn't primarily directed at how women were portrayed. Rather, she explained, the main reason for the censoring was to honor religious beliefs. 

The actress made it clear that it had nothing to do with misogyny or restrictions on how much may be shown. She made an unfortunate observation that, even though women could experience abuse in online projects, there doesn't seem to be as much restriction in that area. “There is a lot of censorship when it comes to religion. We have to think ourselves how good or bad that is,” she added.

Konkana Sensharma on OTT

Konkana previously starred in the lead part of Nikkhil Advani's medical drama series Mumbai Diaries 26/11 on Prime Video, which was her first OTT project. She also directed a segment in the anthology movie Lust Stories for OTT, which got fantastic reviews.

Talking about the digital space, the actress revealed that before OTT became well-known in India, she had been watching foreign television shows like Breaking Bad and Fargo. "I was familiar with the concept and was dying to do (a limited series) because I had only done films and short films. So when Mumbai Diaries was offered to me, I was excited as I had never done a web series, and I was happy to jump on the bandwagon,” she said. 

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