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Kota Factory fame Alam Khan on finally getting recognition and work - “Never used to see myself as a 6 feet tall hero” | Exclusive!

Alam Khan plays Uday in Kota Factory, the TVF-Netflix show that now geared for the third season. 

Kota Factory fame Alam Khan on finally getting recognition and work - “Never used to see myself as a 6 feet tall hero” | Exclusive!

Alam Khan plays Uday in Kota Factory

Last Updated: 04.34 PM, Jun 18, 2024


The evolution of OTT platforms has not only enabled stories, storytellers, and actors to flourish but has also been crucial in pushing for representation. It's high time that our heroes, at least some of them, look like us, talk like us, and grapple with the same issues we face in real life. TVF is one company that has consistently invested in such content, acting as flagbearers for bringing relatable shows and characters to the forefront. Kota Factory is one such IP they created, and it now moved to Season 3 on Netflix. The show has made actors like Vaibhav More, Alam Khan, and Ranjan Raj household names, none of whom are quintessential heroes. In a conversation with OTTplay, Khan spoke about the changing face of the hero and finding work. 

Alam Khan aka Uday On Life After Kota Factory

Alam Khan has found a niche in the streaming world after navigating multiple stepping stones. The actor, who was also seen in Laakhon Mein Ek and films like Freaky Ali, Chaman Bahaar, Haddi, and more, became a household name by playing Uday Gupta in Kota Factory for three long seasons. He was finally the hero of his story, regardless of the fact that he does not have the quintessential hero's appearance. In an exclusive conversation with OTTplay, he spoke about his journey to find work. Read on to know more.

Talking about the advent of OTT and finally finding a niche, Alam Khan said, “Things have become very good. In the last few years since the arrival of OTT, whatever I wanted. I never used to see myself as a 6-feet tall hero. Who has entered in slow motion. I always wanted people to know me as an actor. To know my work. To know the art that I do. So now the world has shifted in that direction. And there is a lot of support for OTT. When they showed such content and real content with which people related a lot, people started liking such a bunch of actors.”

Alam Khan added, “And because of that, work has also increased a lot. And good work is happening in many places. I remember I used to do TV. It's not that I wasn't satisfied with it, but the satisfaction that you get in doing real-life stories, that you become a character, and he exists in this world, and that type of thing is happening. So it feels very good. It's fun, and when a fan comes to you and says, ‘What a thing you have made. You have shown the truth.’ It's another level of high.”

About Kota Factory Season 3

Kota Factory Season 3 now moves towards its D-day. Meena, Meenal, Vaibhav, Vartika, Uday, and Shivangi are all set to appear for their final exams. But there is more. Jeetu Bhaiya has not been himself for a while, and that is bothering everyone around. What exactly is happening with him? Is there a sad end to all of this? What does Tillotama Shome's entry mean? Everything is answered in the season.

Kota Factory Season 3 will hit Netflix on June 20, 2024. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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