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Lakadbagga teaser poster: Anshuman Jha is on a mission with a hyena

Lakadbagga, starring Anshuman Jha, Ridhi Dogra, and Milind Soman, is said to be India's first movie about an animal vigilante. It will be shown in theatres this winter.

Lakadbagga teaser poster: Anshuman Jha is on a mission with a hyena
Anshuman Jha
  • Team OTTplay

Last Updated: 09.15 AM, Oct 17, 2022


On Monday, a teaser poster for the upcoming movie Lakadbaggha, starring Anshuman Jha and Milind Soman, was released. Ridhi Dogra, a well-known TV star, will also be making her film debut in this movie.

The story of the film is quite unique and interesting as it revolves around an animal lover, Arjun Bakshi, who is unearthing some of the illegal animal trade rackets and trying to save a rare species of the Indian Striped Hyena, also called the Lakadbaggha. The way he goes through a struggle to break the nexus, to save the hyena that is kidnapped from Corbett National Park and also sold on the black market, and through the process, a beautiful friendship develops between man and animal, sets the narrative.

The action film has been written by Alok Sharma and directed by Victor Mukherjee.

Speaking about the film, Anshuman said in a statement, "Animals and action films are two of my biggest passions. After playing a gay man in Hum Bhi Akele (his last released film), I wanted to do something high-octane but pure."

The actor also shared that he went through extensive training for 12 months for a very special martial arts form, and that took him as an artist on a path of self-discovery. Anshuman also went to New York to train under Tsahi Shemesh, who was the trainer of the Avengers, Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Anshuman said, "I am trying to be authentic towards the 'Hand-To-Hand' martial arts form that this movie brings to India, 'Krav-Maga'. It's just raw street fight-style action."

Krav-Maga is an Israeli Martial Arts form that the actor has learned extensively, and the upcoming film attempts to bring the form into Indian cinema.

Though the film is an action thriller, the actor said that since the story revolves around animals and the protagonist of the film is an animal lover, the film is unique and offers more than a regular action thriller.

"It is an action thriller made by a bunch of animal lovers, so it's not just an action film, it has more. I am grateful to the team, especially the stunt team on the film," added the actor.

The film is set in Kolkata, and it also features Paresh Pahuja, and is all set to be released theatrically this winter.