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Lampan on SonyLIV – Geetanjali Kulkarni plays the most adorable grandmom in another promising family drama

Lampan is helmed by National Award winning director Nipun Dharmadhikari

Lampan on SonyLIV – Geetanjali Kulkarni plays the most adorable grandmom in another promising family drama
Lampan - Geetanjali Kulkarni

Last Updated: 05.02 PM, May 02, 2024


Geetanjali Kulkarni, best known for her role as the mother in Gullak, is back. This time, she is seen as the grandmother in another SonyLIV presented show, Lampan. Geetanjali plays the most adorable grandmother on the show which promises to be another heartwarming family drama. Lampan will release on the platform a year after going on floors, and the trailer for the same is now out.


About Lampan trailer

One sees the innocence of all children in Lampan. It is about a boy who is given a choice to stay with his grandparents but he does not wish to take it. Here, one can see Geetanjali run after him with a stick. Eventually, sure enough, as the drama unfolds, they all do come together as a family.

Directed by National Award winner and Oscar-nominated director Nipun Dharmadhikari

Nipun Dharmadhikari’s Me Vasantrao won the National Award for Best Film Critics, back in 2022. The movie was also nominated for Oscars in the same year, thus proving how important it is for the Marathi cinema. He has also helmed Baapjanma and Dhappa in the past. Lampan would be his latest offering and venture into web series.

Why is Lampan so important among Marathi viewers?

Lampan is a character from the popular poet, Prakash Narayan Sant. Lampan appeared in Zumbar, Panka and Vanvas, and instantly connected with the readers because of the child’s innocence. Known as the son of the saint, Prakash Narayan Sant became immortal when it came to Marathi literature. Lampan is presented with experiences like the working of the mind, what love and excitement means, what school life is like, and how the family and friends affect your own life. They were all presented with minute details in the novel and given how this is a series, the same is expected of the show too. In case you are wondering why is the world Mad often repeated in the trailer, it is because that too is associated with Lampan. The same will be revealed when the series is released on SonyLIV and OTTplay Premium on May 16.

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