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Latest Hindi web series streaming on OTT: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLIV and others

Here’s the list of the latest Hindi web series that are streaming on various OTT platforms.

  • Aishwarya Vasudevan

Last Updated: 04.27 AM, Apr 22, 2022

Latest Hindi web series streaming on OTT: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLIV and others

In the past few weeks, several series have dropped on OTT platforms, much to the excitement of the fans. Murder in Agonda on Amazon MiniTV, Gullak season three on SonyLIV, Abhay season three on ZEE5, Mai on Netflix, Guilty Minds on Amazon Prime Video, Brochara season two, and London Files on Voot Select are currently streaming.

Learn about the latest Hindi web series streaming on OTT platforms in detail below.

Brochara season 2 - Voot Select

The second season of Brochara follows four male friends, Kanan (Amey Wagh), Pranay (Varun Tewari), Shivashish (Sayandeep Sengupta), and Abhimanyu (Ankur Rathee), as they deal with life's ups and downs.

Guilty Minds - Amazon Prime Video

Kashaf Quaze and Deepak Rana, law school friends and almost never quite lovers, usually find themselves on opposite sides of the law. Idealistic Kashaf works in public interest litigation, whereas Deepak, a ruthlessly ambitious rising star, works as a partner at a top law firm that represents large corporations. Deepak's new junior, Shubhangi Khanna, the firm's heiress, is attracted to him, fueling the fire. Shubhrat Khanna, Shubhangi's insecure and competitive cousin, wants Deepak out of the firm.

London Files - Voot Select

When a detective's life becomes entwined with London's deepest and darkest secrets, a missing person's case becomes uglier. What happens when the truth is revealed?

Mai - Netflix

A mother in a criminal world. Will she be successful? Will she make it? When Sheel's (Sakshi Tanwar) daughter (Wamiqa Gabbi) is brutally murdered, she vows to avenge her mother's death. The path she is on is not an easy one, as it is riddled with white-collar crimes and shady politics.

Abhay season 3 - ZEE5

The stakes rise this season as Abhay (Kunal Kemmu) faces a new unknown threat, a dark force capable of exploiting anyone in the name of a twisted belief. Will Abhay prevail in his battle with death?

Gullak season 3 - SonyLIV

The Mishra family has matured in terms of age, experience, and comfort. The younger son, Aman, is now in plus two and has big dreams, whereas the elder son has his own desires. When Annu's dreams and desires collide, he realises that some aspirations must be put on hold in order to fulfil his familial duties and responsibilities.

Murder in Agonda - Amazon MiniTV

A peaceful villa in the picturesque village of Agonda in Goa, but a murder changes everything! Everything will be revealed, including secrets, mysteries, plots, heartbreaks, and chaos. Will the perpetrator be apprehended, or will innocent people suffer?

Bloody Brothers - ZEE5

While driving home late one night, two brothers, Jaggi (Jaideep Ahlawat) and Daljeet (Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub), run over an elderly man. They go to great lengths to hide their traces, but when people start to question them, their lives crumble.

Apharan season 2 - Voot

While the RAW is being terrorised by Bikram Bahadur Shah, they turn to Rudra for help. Rudra, on the other hand, unexpectedly tenders his resignation. Is it possible to get Rudra to take up Bikram's case?

Mrs. and Mr. Shameem - ZEE5

When Umaina (Saba Qamar) is betrayed by her perfect lover, Shameem (Nauman Ijaz) marries his closest friend. They endure the most difficult challenges while fighting a biased society tooth and nail.

Anamika - MX Player

Anamika (Sunny Leone) is a narrative about a woman who has lost her memory and is striving to rebuild her life. With her life a mystery, the only thing she has is Dr. Prashant, her boyfriend. Prashant spared her from an accident three years ago that could have easily killed her. Anamika survives, and she begins a new life with Prashant. When she comes face-to-face with her past, though, her blissful bubble bursts. Her memory is still a void; she has no recollection of anything, but she swears to find answers to all of her questions and learn more about her past.

Jugaadistan - Lionsgate Play

This is a story about our youth, set in the nation's capital, on a voyage full of excitement, joy, life lessons, and many incorrect turns. A group of teenagers find friendship and romance as their paths cross as they make decisions that will determine their future and change their lives forever, set against the backdrop of college politics and the stress of impending exams.

Sutliyan - ZEE5

Sutliyan is a heartwarming family story set in Bhopal, the city of lakes and gardens. The Chandel family reunites for Diwali after a long time apart, but this year is different from previous years. At the start of the early lockdowns, Rajan (Shiv Panditt), Ramni (Plabita Borthakur), and Raman (Vivaan Shah) lost their father, and none of them could make it to his funeral, much to their mother Supriya's chagrin (Ayesha Raza). The family reunites, and while there is joy and nostalgia, there is also stress and turmoil, as is typical with families. Sutliyan, the threads that connect us all together, keep the family together, but we witness them unravelling and unspooling at the same time.

Undekhi season 2 - SonyLIV

At the cliffhanger ending of season one of Undekhi, a new character named Abhay (Meiyang Chang) tracks down Koyal (Apeksha Porwal) and saves her. Teji (Anchal Singh), on the other hand, is hell-bent on annihilating the Atwal, and Daman (Ankur Rathee) is on board with her. Rinku Paaji (Surya Sharma), everyone's favourite, is getting married again this season. Shashwat (Sayandeep Sengupta) and Saloni (Ayn Zoya) were able to flee and are currently hiding. By creating powerful corporate relationships with international drug dealers, the Atwals are poised to expand their operations and unleash a reign of terror. However, the family is becoming increasingly separated, and there is eventually a tremendous power and position struggle.

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness - Disney+ Hotstar

Rudra: The Edge of Darkness is a Mumbai-set race-against-the-clock thriller that digs into the brains of extremely brilliant criminals and the investigator who tracks them down. Even as the major series plot continues, each episode introduces a new challenge, exposing DCP Rudra Veer Singh's (Ajay Devgn) high personal cost of pursuing crooks and killers, as well as the unexpected bond he builds with Aliyah (Raashii Khanna), a brilliant psychopath. Mumbai is more than just a backdrop for our hero's vigilante deeds throughout the series; it also functions as a battleground between good and evil. Rudra believes in the existence of love in the world, even in the midst of darkness.

Lock Upp - ALTBalaji & MX Player

Inmates, who had been accused in the outside world, competed in jail to earn every basic necessity and win the host and audience's hearts by doing chores and showing their personalities. There will also be a special guest appearance by a celebrity in the role of Jailor. Finally, the contestant with the most votes wins freedom and the Lock Upp: Badass Jail, Atyaachari Khel award.

The Fame Game - Netflix

Madhuri Dixit-Nene's Anamika Anand is a Bollywood actor with a beautiful job but a drab home life. Her husband, Nikhil More (Sanjay Kapoor), abuses her physically and verbally. Manish Khanna (Manav Kaul), a frequent co-star and former lover, is the only person who can console her.

While her daughter Amara (Muskkaan Jaferi) strives to be a famous actress like her mother, her son Avi (Lakshvir Saran) is dealing with his own challenges, including his sexuality. Anamika's mother, on the other hand, constantly criticises her and the rest of the family and uses deceptive tactics to attain her objectives. Anamika's abrupt disappearance brings her personal life into the spotlight, prompting a search for her and the person responsible for her absence, which leads to the revelation of many dark secrets.

Mithya - ZEE5

A story about two ladies who are at differences over plagiarism accusations, which leads to a sequence of hostilities and stunning revelations centred on a murder for which they are both suspects.

Bestseller - Amazon Prime Video

Since his last book became a hit ten years ago, Tahir Wazir, one of India's most renowned novelists, has been unable to write anything. He seemed to be stuck in his writing and need of some inspiration. Meetu Mathur, a sweet, young girl, enters his life one day and asks for his blessing. She is a tremendous fan of his, as well as a writer, and she seeks his advice. Tahir finds vital inspiration in her life story and uses it as the basis for his future novel. Parth Acharya joins his wife Mayanka, a prominent commercial film director, as her assistant around the same time, but he appears to have something nasty planned for Tahir Wazir.

What begins as a simple verbal battle quickly devolves into turmoil, drama, and death. ACP Lokesh intervenes as events unfold to investigate and solve the mystery. Will Tahir be able to write another New York Times bestseller? 

Raktanchal season 2 - MX Player

A well-known criminal, Prakash Hirwarkar, is being held in a hospital under the supervision of Mumbai Police ACP Himanshu Patnaik. Even with the finest protection, Prakash Hirwarkar is killed in the hospital by a series of explosives. The culprit is able to flee without being apprehended. Who would want to assassinate Prakash Hirwarkar? Was Prakash in possession of sensitive information?

The Great Indian Murder - Disney+ Hotstar

Vicky Rai is the astute 32-year-old CEO of the Rai Group of Industries and the son of Chhattisgarh's Home Minister, Jagannath Rai. Vicky Rai is brutally murdered during a party held by him to commemorate his acquittal in the rape and murder of two Shelter Home girls. The case's investigating officials, DCP Sudha Bhardwaj and Suraj Yadav of the Central Bureau of Investigation, are on the lookout for six suspects in his murder. Vicky Rai's case has unintentionally put a halt to his father, Jagannath Rai's, political career, which he continues to pursue by any means necessary, even after Vicky's death. The Great Indian Murder is about Sudha and Suraj delving into multiple accounts of a single murder, which they weave into their investigations.

Rocket Boys - SonyLIV

Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai are two amazing men who made history while shaping India's future.

Pavitra Rishta 2.0 – It’s Never Too Late - ZEE5

An extraordinary love story about an ordinary couple overcoming all obstacles to join in the sacred union of marriage. Will they be able to find their happily ever after, or will fate have other plans?

Kapil Sharma: I'm Not Done Yet - Netflix

Kapil Sharma has been entertaining the masses for quite some time, but he is not finished yet! Fan favourite comedian is back on Netflix, this time with his first comedy special, which marks his streaming debut. Kapil Sharma: I'm Not Done Yet shows Kapil in a previously unseen guise.

Barun Rai & the House on the Cliff - Eros Now

Newlyweds Soumili and Harmesh Banerjee have recently moved into their dream home, and life should be idyllic. Their love, however, is being put to the test by unexplained occurrences. Enter Barun Rai, whose expertise is in investigating paranormal activities.

Bhaukaal season two - MX Player

Bhaukaal is the story of SSP Naveen Sikhera, who cleans up the criminal-infested city of Muzaffarnagar. The city is in complete disarray and lawlessness. When Naveen Sikhera becomes the new SSP in Muzaffarnagar, he is confronted by the utter despair of people who live in fear of local gangs. He reforms the police and foils any criminal attempt to seize control of the city. His heroic mission is to transform Muzaffarnagar from a "crime capital" to a "peace capital."

Campus Diaries - MX Player

The story of Campus Diaries follows the lives of six Excel University students. They, like any other college student, go thru the initial stages of college life, complete with new friends, budding romances, first bunks, an independent lifestyle, and canteen wars. However, these students are dealing with something else as well. Campus Diaries series also follows five friends as they deal with issues such as drug use, discrimination, toxic relationships, and one-sided love. The series will make you nostalgic for your college days while also reminding you of the difficulties you faced when you were away from home for the first time.

Cublicles season two - SonyLIV

Life is more difficult to decode than it is to code. The Cubicles family has returned!

Damaged season three - Hungama Play

Rashmi (Aamna Sharif) is a tough cop known for her bravery and bravery. She not only quickly rose to the top of a male-dominated profession, but she also began to command respect from her colleagues and the rest of the town. Shanaya (Shrenu Parikh) is a new journalist whose quest for a ground-breaking story leads her to Rashmi's doorstep. Shanaya is willing to go to any lengths to obtain the next big breaking news after her story on the female supercop became a hit. Fortunately for her, a string of serial killings in town provides her with the sensational news items she requires for her website. Her desire for news and the truth, on the other hand, puts her in direct conflict with Rashmi. Damaged 3 culminates in an explosive showdown and an unexpected outcome, with each woman harbouring lethal secrets and vowing to destroy the other.

Human - Disney+ Hotstar

Human is a riveting emotional drama set in the shadowy world of human drug trials. Vayu Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company, is desperate to develop the next money-making drug, so they begin testing a banned drug on hordes of poor people who willingly sign up for drug trials in exchange for small monetary compensation. However, the drug begins to have disastrous effects on the patients, wreaking havoc on the family of one street-smart slum kid, Mangu (Vishal Jethwa). Kirti Kulhari, a new junior cardiac surgeon, joins Bhopal's leading multi-speciality hospital, Manthan, only to be humiliated by the older male doctors who are uneasy with her intelligence and dynamism. While this causes conflicts in her professional life, it also causes problems in her personal life. She has a strained relationship with her parents, a strange and unorthodox marriage, and she is a compulsive liar with a dark secret of her own. Dr. Gauri Nath, Manthan's dynamic and iconic owner and one of India's top neurosurgeons, has hired Saira (Shefali Shah). But as she gets closer to Gauri, their relationship becomes more complicated and intense. Gauri, too, has secrets of her own, and their relationship soon becomes riddled with deceptions. Gauri's ultimate goal is to rid the world and herself of trauma, no matter what. Human becomes that rare drama that brings together a story of class, love, loss, betrayal, ambition, truth, justice, and revenge in a way never seen before, as the lives of Mangu, Saira, and Gauri collide on a nerve-wracking and devastating emotional ride.

Kaun Banegi Shikharwati - ZEE5

Raja Mrityunjay (Naseeruddin Shah), the lonely, broke sovereign of Shikharwati, lives alone in his decaying palace with his many eccentricities and a trusted advisor, Mishraji (Raghubir Yadav). The show begins with the obstinate, eccentric "King" encountering a pressing problem. He has evaded government notices for six years and faces eviction if he does not pay a whopping 32 crore in wealth tax. He continues to live in denial, as he has since his wife's death 15 years ago, and he refuses to pay attention this time as well. Mishraji, the wise and pragmatic ruler, is desperate to save the palace, his only home. To make his Raja see sense, he concocts an elaborate ruse in which he invites the King's estranged daughters to compete for the throne and an apparent (and non-existent) prize of 200 crores. The daughters, who despise each other and their father, are each going thru a difficult time in their lives and would love to win 200 crores (who wouldn't?). As a result, the seemingly silly games that announce "Kaun Banegi Shikharwati" begin.

Ranjish Hi Sahi - Voot

A daring film director is drawn into an extramarital affair with a celebrity, which changes his life; his marriage to his first love spirals as he is torn between two worlds. This is the story of Shankar, Amna, and Anju, set in 1970s Bollywood.

Unpaused: Naya Safar - Amazon Prime Video

Unpaused: Naya Safar builds on the legacy of the first anthology by bringing together five distinct filmmakers-Nupur Asthana, Ayappa KM, Ruchir Arun, Shikha Makan, and Nagraj Manjule-to tell new stories of hope, love, connections, and second chances that celebrate the resilient human spirit in these uncertain times.

Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein - Netflix

A man is torn between two women: one who loves him and one who desires him. In Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein, Vikrant, a romantic simpleton, becomes an object of desire for Purva, who will go to any lengths to get him. As Purva's efforts to make him hers begin to destroy everything he cherishes, the mild-mannered Vikrant discovers a new side to himself. To escape Purva's clutches and reclaim his life with his true love, Shikha, he embarks on a perilous path, which he later regrets.

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