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Latest OTT Releases: From Berlin to The Curse - Top web series to watch this weekend

This week's exciting slate of new web shows, which includes comedies, thrillers, and dramas, will help you conclude the year with amazing content. 

Latest OTT Releases: From Berlin to The Curse - Top web series to watch this weekend
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Last Updated: 07.39 PM, Dec 28, 2023


Once again, this is the time of the week when we present to you the most recent information from the OTT entertainment industry. A great selection of TV series is available for this weekend, sure to fulfill all of your binge-watching desires. Now that you have your popcorn ready, let's explore the fascinating selection.

Title Starring Release date OTT platform
The Curse  Nathan Fielder, Benny Safdie, Emma Stone December 29 Lionsgate Play
Berlin Pedro Alonso, Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, Julio Peña, Joel Sánchez December 29 Netflix
Pokémon Concierge Karen Fukuhara December 28 Netflix

The Curse on Lionsgate Play


This unique, genre-bending series explores the lives of Whitney (Emma Stone) and Asher Siegel (Nathan Fielder), a newlywed couple who are trying to conceive while starring in their new HGTV show "Flipanthropy." They are battling an alleged curse that is causing problems in their marriage. But these admirable attempts are hampered by the intervention of a peculiar and imperfect reality TV producer named Dougie (Benny Safdie), who finds potential in their narrative.

Why you should watch it: If a comedy thriller television series keeps you hooked to your screens, then this one is a must-watch for you.

Berlin on Netflix

Berlin, a spin-off of the critically acclaimed Money Heist, centers on the formative years of Pedro Alonso's fascinating lead character. Berlin's life in his prime is examined in this prequel, which provides insight into his nuanced personality. The show follows his leadership in carrying off several incredible heists around Europe, including a cunning plan to steal jewels in Paris worth 44 million euros. The story skillfully blends action, suspense, and emotional subtleties while emphasizing the backgrounds and experiences of Berlin's well-chosen group of skilled thieves.

Why you should watch it: If you are a fan of intertwining action, suspense, and drama, then this one is your weekend pick.

Pokémon Concierge on Netflix

Pokémon Concierge is a cutting-edge stop-motion animated series that delves into a distinct world within the adored franchise. The protagonist of the tale is Haru, a recent hire as a concierge at the tranquil Pokémon Resort. She interacts with a variety of Pokémon and their trainers who come to the property to enjoy peaceful hospitality, along with a Psyduck.

Why you should watch it: The show offers a new take on the world, focusing on friendships, travels, and self-discovery without getting too heavy on the fighting.

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