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Latest OTT Releases: From The Aam Aadmi Family season 4 to The Village - Top web series to watch this weekend

There are a ton of new releases on well-known OTT platforms this week. There is something for everyone, ranging from compelling thrillers to historical dramas.

Latest OTT Releases: From The Aam Aadmi Family season 4 to The Village - Top web series to watch this weekend
OTT Releases: Top web series to watch this weekend

Last Updated: 01.20 PM, Nov 22, 2023


Even though November is nearly over, the diversity of content available on OTT platforms will keep you glued to your home screens. We have everything you could possibly want, whether you enjoy drama, romance or mystery thrillers. We'll even put all the information on a platter so you can choose what to watch this weekend with ease. 

The top OTT releases for this week are mentioned below.

Title Starring Release Date OTT Platform
The Aam Aadmi Family season 4 Brijendra Kala, Lubna Salim, Chandan Anand and Saadhika Syal 24th November 2023 Zee5
The Village  Arya 24th November 2023 Prime Video
A Nearly Normal Family Christian Fandango Sundgren, Björn Bengtsson, Melisa Ferhatovic, Lo Kauppi  24th November 2023 Netflix

The Aam Aadmi Family season 4 on Zee5


Audiences are introduced to the lovable dynamics of an Indian middle-class household in the engaging and relatable series centred around the Sharma family. The family consists of a devoted mother, a diligent father, an avid gossiper grandmother, and two grown-ups who are adjusting to the peculiarities of their middle-class lifestyle. 

Why you should watch it: Watch it for a perfect balance between humour and genuine emotion as the Sharma family finds creative, frequently humorous solutions to everyday problems.

The Village on Prime Video

This compelling adaptation of the graphic horror novel by Asvin Srivatsangam, Vivek Rangachari, and Shamik Dasgupta transports viewers to a terrifying night of dread against the ominous backdrop of Tamil Nadu's rural regions. The narrative centers on a deserted and distraught man named Arya, who enlists the help of three townspeople in a desperate attempt to save his family, who are said to have been abducted by evil forces in a cursed village. The show shows if anyone can make it through the horrors that lie ahead on this terrifying night. 

Why you should watch it: The show is a perfect balance of horror and terror that will take you to a small town full of mysteries. So, if you are a fan of horror flicks, this one is a must-watch for you.

A Nearly Normal Family on Netflix

A Nearly Normal Family tells the compelling story of the Sandell family, who live in the upscale suburbs of Lund. Priest Adam, attorney Ulrika, and their 19-year-old daughter Stella represent the pinnacle of suburban perfection. This façade suddenly collapses when Stella is taken into custody and charged with murder. 

Why you should watch it: A Nearly Normal Family, which is an adaptation of Mattias Edvardsson's book, deftly balances the ephemeral aspect of truth with complicated family dynamics and secrets.

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