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Let’s Talk About Chu on OTT - Here's when and where to watch the heartwarming Taiwanese drama on love, family, and sexuality

Let’s Talk About Chu is an upcoming Taiwanese dramedy that will be released next month. The series will look at multiple generations within the Chu family as they navigate life and love.

Let’s Talk About Chu on OTT - Here's when and where to watch the heartwarming Taiwanese drama on love, family, and sexuality
A still from the trailer

Last Updated: 02.29 PM, Jan 17, 2024


Let’s Talk About Chu is a fun and touching comedy with a layer of drama and sexuality. Helmed by award-winning director Remii Huang of At the Moment fame, the Taiwanese series is set to drop on Netflix on February 2, 2024.

What is Let's Talk About Chu about?

A co-production of Machi Xcelsior Studios and Lucky Sparks Films, the show will look at multiple generations of a Taiwanese family as they explore the nuanced concepts of family dynamics, romance, and sexuality.

Let’s Talk About Chu focuses on the Chu family, comprising of their parents, eldest daughter Chu Wei, brother Yu Sen, and youngest daughter Chu Ai. The series mainly follows the journey of our protagonist Chu Ai, along with her siblings, as they navigate their respective love lives and try to find meaning and comfort.

The Trailer and plot


Chu Ai is a wax therapist, who also runs a decently successful sex education channel on social media. While doling out facts to her followers about the ‘sexual crisis’ of Taiwanese people in the trailer, Chu Ai asserts her life’s motto ‘Only sex, no love.’

She does have a long-term friends-with-benefits relationship with her friend Ping Ke though, who shares her cynical approach towards love. As for her siblings, Chu Wei gets enveloped by her complicated marriage with her professor, who states in the trailer that he no longer likes her for the way she is.

He also refuses to have sexual relations with her under some pretext or the other, like having papers to grade. As Chu Wei begins to find companionship elsewhere, she questions herself, her marriage, and love, not knowing whether her heart seeks sexual satisfaction or emotional comfort.

Brother Yu Se has just ended a long-term relationship with his boyfriend, and his lonely heart is seeking respite. And as for their parents, their relationship is strained while their satisfaction lies away from each other.

As this family explores their sexual frustration and emotional repression, the social implications of the embodiment come to the front, showcasing the requirement of open conversations about love and sexuality in Asian households.

Director Remii Huang discussed this matter with Netflix and straightened her goals with them. She stated that she had infused her own life experiences in the series. Let’s Talk About Chu is aimed to initiate conversations about the much-avoided topic of sexuality and the importance of fostering healthy relationships.

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