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Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 review – Suspense blurs past and present with a thrilling climax

Kim Jin-woo's directorial follows a promising cast, with Jang Dong-yoon and Yoon Jong-seok leading the sports drama, with the supporting cast starring Kim Bo-ra and Lee Jae-joon.

Like Flowers in Sand Episode 11 review – Suspense blurs past and present with a thrilling climax
Like Flowers in Sand/ Netflix

Last Updated: 08.54 PM, Jan 24, 2024


Like Flowers in Sand story

The eleventh episode was packed with mystery and inched closer to solving the murder case of Choi Chil-seong who was found dead near the reservoir in the initial episodes. It entirely revolved around the murder case and the match-fixing which resulted in chaos and disruption in the Geosan countryside. This episode also marked the team-up of Du-sik with her childhood friends Jin-su and Seok-hui trying to solve the case by contributing in their own ways. Snowball, the white dog also plays a key role as it helps find the old handphone which might serve as circumstantial evidence. One of the key suspects throughout the episode is Pil-yong but he is given the clean chit in the last few minutes. Was everything a facade to the ulterior motive of the match fixer’s revenge on Cheol-young and his daughter?


Like Flowers in Sand Review

The eleventh episode centered around criminal investigation and teamwork. It also blurred the line between past and present and the multiple timeline and layered narrative make it an interesting watch. However, despite the different angles, the episode failed to bring freshness as it beat around the bush and twisted the suspicion on Pil-yong. However, in the end, it is revealed that he was the bait and the real culprit is still unknown.

Despite all the negative points, the cliffhanger ending and the thread combine the past and present without overlapping weights on the entire plotline. Apart from the questioning and suspense hanging around everyone, the episode dimmed the sports craze build up in the starting episodes.

Everything now weighs on the last episode, from childhood romance to criminal justice and Baek-do's lost glory as a Ssireum player.

Like Flowers in Sand Verdict

This episode was the one that you can’t seem to stop watching if you love the crime genre as it nearly covered the criminal investigation and hyped up our expectations for the last and concluding episode that premieres on Thursday. Binge-watch if you crave some murder mystery K-drama without much romance or chemistry between the leads.

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