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20 years of Hum Tum! Look back at Kunal Kohli's career, which redefined romantic comedy in Bollywood

Celebrating Kunal Kohli with a retrospective on 20 years of Hum Tum and his filmmaking legacy.

20 years of Hum Tum! Look back at Kunal Kohli's career, which redefined romantic comedy in Bollywood
Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji in a still from Hum Tum

Last Updated: 07.06 PM, May 28, 2024


The 20th anniversary of Hum Tum is a fitting opportunity to look back on Kunal Kohli's remarkable career as a filmmaker; his distinctive style of storytelling has permanently altered the landscape of Indian cinema. Famous for his work with Yash Raj Films, Kohli has directed a wide variety of films that examine the complexities of romantic relationships. From Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic to the poignant drama Fanaa and the endearing romance Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Kohli has crafted a diverse range of films. Kohli's films captivate audiences with their captivating stories and unforgettable characters. His ability to craft complex narratives, as seen in Teri Meri Kahaani, as well as his exploration of modern issues in films such as Next Enti? and Phir Se, demonstrate his adaptability and evergreen charisma. In honour of the film's 20th anniversary, we'd like to take a moment to remember the visionary who brought us Hum Tum, whose career in filmmaking still moves audiences.

Kunal Kohli films to watch on OTT

Mujhse Dosti Karoge! (Prime Video)


In 2002, Yash Chopra's banner, Yash Raj Films, produced Mujhse Dosti Karoge! and Kunal Kohli directed it. The film's main stars are Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Rani Mukerji; Uday Chopra plays a minor part. The film portrays the love triangle between Pooja (Rani), Raj (Hrithik), and Tina (Kareena).

If the one you loved wasn't yours, what would you do? What would you do if you discovered that your closest friend had feelings for the person you love? If your closest friends were betraying you by giving up their affection, what would you do? Get to know Raj, Pooja, and Tina—three best friends caught in a web that distance, love, letters, and time have spun. Love is the ultimate goal of every relationship that begins as a friendship. True, there are only two ways love can pan out. It was both joyful and sorrowful. Another question is whether these three friends can have a happy ending.

Hum Tum (Prime Video)

Hum Tum was a 2004 romantic comedy film that Kunal Kohli wrote and directed. Aditya Chopra's Yash Raj Films produced the film, loosely based on the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally. In addition to Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji, the film also features Kirron Kher, Jimmy Sheirgill, Rati Agnihotri, and Rishi Kapoor. Two characters, Karan and Rhea, cross paths multiple times in Hum Tum, each time in a different setting.

The movies often exaggerate the beauty of real life. First sight doesn't necessarily spell love. It usually takes a long time for a relationship to develop, stretching from "boy meets girl" to "boy gets girl." Hum Tum offers a new perspective on the age-old conflict between the sexes via the experiences of Saif Ali Khan's Karan and Rani Mukerji's Rhea. His cartoons Hum and Tum show how cartoonist Karan sees the peculiar love-hate dynamic between sexes. Sensitive, well-mannered, and assured—that is Rhea. She is unafraid to stand up to men and can give as good as she gets. When they first met, they didn't have much in common. However, fate has other plans, as their paths continue to cross for the next decade, during which they go from hating each other to respecting each other, becoming friends, and ultimately... Hum Tum provides a new angle on the difficulties "every man" and "every woman" encounter when trying to understand one another in a movie universe that presents oversimplified depictions of the intricate dynamics between sexes.

Fanaa (Prime Video)

Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra produced the 2006 romantic drama Fanaa under their Yash Raj Films company, while Kunal Kohli directed the film. In addition to Aamir Khan and Kajol, the film also features Kirron Kher, Sharat Saxena, Tabu, and Rishi Kapoor in supporting roles. The story follows the love story of Zooni (Kajol), a blind Kashmiri woman, and her tour guide, Rehan (Aamir), who is actually a terrorist hiding in plain sight.

Making a selection between two good options or one bad one is what really defines a person's life, not the choice between right and wrong, which is easy. Just before Zooni Ali Beg (Kajol) sets out on her first solo adventure, this is the piece of wisdom she receives from her father. She has no idea how these remarks will influence the rest of her life. Zooni, a blind Kashmiri lady, crosses paths with irredeemable flirt and local Delhi tour guide Rehan Qadri (Aamir Khan). Even though her friends caution her about this useless roadside Romeo, she disregards their warnings. She needs to go out and find love immediately. Is this the best option, truly? Zooni captivates Rehan, and he hopes she can see the rainbow of colours in life. He tells her that these will be the most priceless moments of her life. Because of Rehan, Zooni has a new perspective on life, love, and Delhi. Zooni has no idea that Rehan has hidden a part of his life from her—a part that has the power to make or break her life.

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (Prime Video)

The 2008 fantasy comedy-drama Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic starred Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, Rishi Kapoor, and Ameesha Patel. Ayushi Burman, Akshat Chopra, Shriya Sharma, and Rachit Sidana are among the child actors. Yash Chopra and Aditya Chopra, is behind the film, while Kunal Kohli is in charge of directing, writing, and co-producing it.

A groundbreaking and unusual court ruling mandates that business magnate Ranbeer (Saif Ali Khan) raise the children of the parents he tragically murdered in an accident. The orphans despised him and sought vengeance. Ranbeer and the kids weren't expecting Geeta (Rani Mukerji) to answer their prayers for help. The benevolent creator dispatches a charming, innocent, and endearing angel to rescue Ranbeer and the children. After that, a thrilling adventure filled with happiness, emotions, magic, and love begins. A heavenly being who has never experienced love. He was an unlucky man who never seemed to find love. A carefree quartet yearns for a loving family. A magical, emotional, tear-jerking, and hilarious film is the result of all of these elements coming together.

Teri Meri Kahaani (Eros Now)

Teri Meri Kahaani was Kunal Kohli's 2012 romantic comedy film in which Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Shahid Kapoor play three couples from different time periods in this triple role. Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Shahid Kapoor portray two star-crossed lovers in Sargodha during the British Raj era in 1910, a renowned Bollywood actress and a struggling musician in 1960s Mumbai, and two college students in London in 2012.

This is a love story about a couple who have promised to love each other forever, not only in this life but in all the ones to come. From 1960 in Bombay with Govind and Rukhsar until 2012 in England with Radha and Krish, the story takes a winding journey. Following that, the story transports Aradhana and Javed to 1910 in Punjab. Can the two souls overcome any obstacle and find each other in the end? But what if fate and time have other intentions?

Phir Se...

Kunal Kohli and Ajay Bhuyan directed Phir Se, a romantic comedy from 2018. Netflix finally released the film after a three-year delay, from 2015 to 2018. Kunal Kohli (in his acting debut), Jennifer Winget, and Sumona Chakravarti are the lead actors in the OTT film. The supporting cast includes Rajit Kapoor, Dalip Tahil, Kanwaljeet Singh, and Sushmita Mukherjee. The film's focus is on a London-based couple dealing with the consequences of their breakup.

Next Enti? (SonyLIV [OTTplay Premium])

In 2018, Kunal Kohli directed Next Enti? which was his first film in Telugu. A trio of actors—Navdeep, Sundeep Kishan, and Tamannaah Bhatia—star in the film. When Harry Met Sally... served as its inspiration. Nenu Local's 2017 song inspired the film's title.

A contemporary girl named Tammy (Tamannaah) ends her relationship with her boyfriend because of his lack of faith in genuine love. At this point in time, she meets Sanju (Sundeep), a marketing executive, with whom she forms an immediate bond. They move in together, but Tammy is against Sanju having a sexual connection. Sanju's anger resulted in the breakup with Tammy. While Sanju goes on, Tammy develops feelings for Krish (Navdeep), a troubled businessman. At this point in their relationship, Tammy feels certain that Krish is her soulmate. What follows is an account of the events involving Krish, Sanju, and Tammy.

Lahore Confidential (ZEE5 [OTTplay Premium])

Kunal Kohli's espionage thriller Lahore Confidential made its premiere on ZEE5 in 2021. S. Hussain Zaidi created this film, which stars Arunoday Singh and Richa Chadda as R&AW operatives in Lahore, delving into the operations of a terrorist organisation based in Pakistan. Following 2020's London Confidential, which had its premiere on ZEE5, comes this film.

Richa Chadda portrays Ananya Srivastav, a modest Indian woman whose life revolves around her job at RAW. She hopes the government will send her on an international assignment so she can escape her boring life. But she ends up in Pakistan on a clandestine intelligence assignment.

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