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Best Chinese romance dramas to binge-watch right now

If you’re looking for some toe-curling romance, then here is a compiled list featuring some of the best Chinese romance dramas to win your heart.

Best Chinese romance dramas to binge-watch right now
Best Chinese romance dramas

Last Updated: 09.14 PM, Jun 05, 2024


The rapid growth of technology and the rising trend of OTT platforms have brought the world closer. Thanks to these advancements, we are now able to gain insights into another country’s culture, customs, and lifestyle. Today, Asian dramas have secured a place in the hearts of people across the globe. Be it Korean, Japanese, or Chinese, these Asian dramas are not only packed with entertainment, but their dreamy romance will make you fall in love again. If you’re looking for some toe-curling romance, then here is a compiled list featuring some of the best Chinese romance dramas to win your heart.

Top Chinese romance dramas on OTT

Love Between Fairy and Devil


  • Cast: Yu Shuxin and Dylan Wang

  • IMDb rating: 8.4

  • Where to watch: Netflix

If you’re someone who wishes to spice up the usual romance with some fantasy twist, then this C-drama is the perfect fit for you, as it revolves around a Goddess of War and Lord Devil as their destinies are tied together as they navigate their troubled lives. Their fascinating chemistry and the layered plotline will keep you engaged throughout the binge-watch.

Hidden Love

  • Cast: Lusi Zhao, Zheyuan Chen, Zhang Jiong Min

  • IMDb rating: 8.6

  • Where to watch: Netflix

This sweet love story begins with childhood attraction and culminates in a magical romance when friendship begins to melt with young love. The plot follows a girl who falls for her brother’s friend, and her childhood crush becomes her little secret obsession when fate brings them together at the same university. Hidden Love climbed up the ranks of trending Chinese dramas with the lead pair’s charismatic acting and interesting themes.

You are my Destiny

  • Cast: Xing Zhao Lin, Liang Jie

  • IMDb rating: 7.4

  • Where to watch: Netflix, Viki

The plot revolves around a meet-cute between two unlikely lovers as they find themselves struck by their entwined fates. Things take a turn after an unexpected pregnancy. If you’re looking for a bittersweet love story, this one will keep you engaged.

Love O2O

  • Cast: Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang, Mao Xiaotong

  • IMDb rating: 7.7

  • Where to watch: MX Player, Viki

Love 020 is among the top-watched Chinese dramas that has garnered international acclaim for its unique narrative and nuanced characters. The plot revolves around two college students who fell in love while playing an online game. Will their love have some consequences? Watch to witness their beautiful romance.

A Love So Beautiful

  • Cast: Hu Yitian and Shen Yue

  • IMDb rating: 8

  • Where to watch: Netflix

This romantic drama unfolds the dreamy love story between two poles apart college students and neighbours as cupid strikes them unexpectedly. While one is a cheerful girl, the other is an indifferent but popular college student. The series received positive reviews for its crisp dialogues and unconventional romance.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

  • Cast: Fair Xing, Lin Yi

  • IMDb rating: 8

  • Where to watch: Netflix, MX Player (Hindi-dubbed)

A highly popular Chinese drama that stars the unique pairing of Lin Yi and Fair Xing. This romantic comedy drama delves into the college romance between Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi as they navigate their career aspirations, friendships, and first love. Their heart-fluttering romance and dialogues are nearly impossible to miss.

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