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Best documentary movies on Disney+ Hotstar

From Mission Pluto to Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds, here's a curated list of the best documentary movies on Disney+ Hotstar

Best documentary movies on Disney+ Hotstar

The Beatles: Let It Be, The Great Indian Election

Last Updated: 09.17 PM, May 24, 2024


Did you know that Disney+ Hotstar has several quality documentaries on offer? The OTT platform boasts a surprisingly rich collection of documentaries, spanning a vast array of subjects. Whether you are a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply curious about people and things, you will definitely find a thought-provoking documentary movie on this platform.

But you don't have to go looking for them, for we've put together a list of some of the best on offer.

Best documentary movies on Disney+ Hotstar:


Mission Pluto: Evergreen

For over 80 years, Pluto has captivated scientists with its enigmatic nature. A journey filled with vast discovery and intrigue, NASA's mission highlights the understanding of the outer world and explores the complexities of the big bang by reaching Pluto with their striking spacecraft, New Horizon. The spacecraft took more 9 years to reach Pluto from Earth.

The Beatles: Let It Be

Released in 1970, this musical won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 43rd Academy Awards. The movie documents some of the most iconic songs of the world’s most celebrated English band, The Beatles. It shows Beatles members’ rehearsing and recording songs in January 1969 for their 12th and final studio album, Let It Be. The movie also features an unannounced rooftop concert by the band, the last public performance of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr together.

Queen Rock Montreal

Released in 2024, this musical drama has some of the most nostalgic and iconic performances and songs of the rock band Queen. Experience the magic of Queen and sing along to their greatest hits, including ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Somebody To Love’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

The Great Indian Election

This documentary dives into the heart of India’s colossal democratic experience: its national election. This isn't just a story of rallies, speeches, and political manoeuvring. It unravels the mass stories that made this event a global event. You will get to meet the tireless election officials meticulously preparing for voting; security officers ensuring a safe environment; dedicated volunteers spreading awareness; and everyday citizens whose ink-stained fingers become a powerful symbol of their democratic voices.

Red Alert: Ganga

Go on a journey through the sacred Ganges River in this documentary. This exploration begins in the Himalayas, where the river originates from pristine glacial sources. Follow its path towards the sea. The documentary explores the journey of the river and the troubling rise of its pollution level.

Jesus: The Rise of Power

This documentary explores the early rise of Christianity within the Roman Empire. It delves into the remarkable transformation of Christianity from being oppressive to the dominant religion in a relatively short period of time. It exposes the captivating narrative of how faith expanded within the empire. The documentary investigates this unexpected transformation and sheds light on the potential force that fueled Christianity's rise and eventual triumph.

Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds

Get into the mind of gaming legend Hideo Kojima by exploring the potential of video games as art through his visionary lens. This documentary showcases a pivotal moment in Kojima's career, as we witness him break free from Konami and launch his own independent studio in 2015. The movie delves deep into Kojima’s creative process, offering rare insights into his groundbreaking Metal Gear and Death Stranding game franchises.

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