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Best Pakistani love story dramas to stream free online – From Hania Aamir’s Mere Humsafar to Bilal Abbas’ Ishq Murshid

If you are also a sucker for romance and relish binge-watching dreamy and passionate romance, check out these best Pakistani love story dramas to stream free online. 

Best Pakistani love story dramas to stream free online – From Hania Aamir’s Mere Humsafar to Bilal Abbas’ Ishq Murshid

Pakistani love story dramas to watch online

Last Updated: 09.36 PM, Jun 14, 2024


When we think of love, we imagine butterflies in the stomach or dreamy scenarios; however, love transcends all those actions and is beyond any explanation. Sometimes an intense gaze is more than a thousand words, while sometimes a bitter conversation can shatter your heart into unimaginable pieces. The world of cinema is a beautiful reflection of our society, and hence we find ourselves addicted to certain characters and storylines. The strongest of all is the romance genre. Pakistani dramas have garnered immense fame over time because of their relatable characters that resonate with common people. Recently, several young and talented Pakistani stars like Hania Aamir, Bilal Abbas, Wahaj Ali have witnessed global popularity because of social media like Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Divided by political relations but united by love for these fictional characters, if you are looking for the best Pakistani love stories or romantic dramas, we have a special list for you!

Best Pakistani love story dramas to watch free online

What’s more fascinating than watching these incredible dramas online for free? If you are also a sucker for romance and relish binge-watching dreamy and passionate romance, check out these best Pakistani love story dramas to stream free online. Interestingly, all these dramas are available to watch on YouTube.

Pyaare Afzal


A love story so great and classy that it still resonates with many for its themes of unrequited love and guilt. It also features two of the beloved Pakistani actors, Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi, opposite each other. Their romantic car conversation still makes hearts flutter. The plot of Pyaare revolves around the titular character, Afzal, a gully boy from a humble family who falls in love with his elite neighbour while acting in love. Their tragic love story is filled with twists and turns, along with some epic dialogues that you can’t miss.

  • Cast: Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ayeza Khan

  • Genre: romance, drama

Ishq Murshid

This latest Pak drama has been making quite a stir ever since it premiered for its charismatic romance, iconic dialogues, and OST song. Its cliffhanger ending is giving fans butterflies as they anxiously await the new season. The plot revolves around Shahmeer and Shibrah, who fall in love against the odds and their class differences. Shahmeer disguises his elite status by becoming poor Fazal Bakhsh; will Shibrah forgive him, or will it lead to shattered hearts? Here’s the catch: Their love story is not as simple as it sounds!

  • Cast: Bilal Abbas Khan, Durefishan Saleem

  • Genre: romance, social drama
  • Mere Hamsafar

    Translated to My life partner or companion – Mere Hamsafar traces the beautiful love story of a couple who falls in love after marriage. Their soulful conversations amid family conflicts and drama captivate viewers. It also reflects on childhood trauma and neglect without making it too heavy to watch, and it subtly deals with some dark topics.

    • Cast: Hania Aamir, Farhan Saeed

    • Genre: romantic drama

    Khuda aur Mohabbat

    A love so strong and pure that it can easily break into heaven. Khuda Aur Mohabbat, as the name suggests, revolves around spiritual devotion, religious faith, and true love. The popularity of this novel-based drama led to the third season, which featured Iqra Aziz and Feroze Khan. Season 1 revolves around two poles apart personalities in terms of social status, families, and religious values. While one doesn’t believe in love or religion, the other would sacrifice everything for her spiritual beliefs and family.

    I vehemently believe that the soulful chemistry and heart-wrenching dialogues are unmatched for season 1, and despite the low-resolution episodes, you must give it a try!

    • Cast: Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan

    • Genre: romance drama

    Mere Humdum Mere Dost

    An idealistic drama that transcends societal barriers based on status and age. The plot highlights a platonic friendship between two unlikely beings that culminates in a beautiful love story defying age and social status.

    • Cast: Adnan Siddiqui, Sanam Jung, Hareem Farooq

    • Genre: romance

    Tere Bin

    Backed by the power duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi - Tere Bin surpassed all expectations as fans showered love on the main lead for their sizzling chemistry and mesmerizing background score. The plot revolves around Murtasim and Meerab as they are forcefully married against their will for their families. This enemies-to-lovers trope also features some family rivalry and a romantic triangle to keep you hooked on the story. The producers later greenlighted season 2 for Tere Bin after the roaring success of season 1.

    • Cast: Yumna Zaidi, Wahaj Ali

    • Genre: romance

    Dil Lagi

    A unique bittersweet drama gives the vibes of Pride and Prejudice as it narrates the unconventional romance with head strong protagonists defying social norms. Whether it is their touching dialogues or the picturesque setting of Sindh, Dil Lagi embodies a beautiful love story.

    • Cast: Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat
    • Genre: romance drama

    Muhabbat Gumshuda Meri

    An emotionally-charged love story that revolves around true love, friendship, and family. It revolves around Saim and Zobia as they navigates their struggles and battle against the odds for their love. 

    • Cast: Khushhal Khan, Dananeer 
    • Genre: romance
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