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Best Telugu movies on SonyLIV

From Godse to Itlu Amma, here's an exciting list of some of the best Telugu movies that you can stream right away on SonyLIV

Best Telugu movies on SonyLIV

Godse, Itlu Amma

Last Updated: 09.34 PM, May 22, 2024


Ditch the daily grind and grab some popcorn as you prepare to dive into the world of Telugu cinema on SonyLIV. Telugu movies have gained national and international recognition in the past few years for their entertaining content and gripping narratives. Did you know that there are several Telugu movies that you can stream on SonyLIV, from action-packed thrillers to heartwarming dramas?

Here's a list of some of the best Telugu movies that you can stream right away on SonyLIV. You can also watch these through your OTTplay Premium subscription.

Best Telugu movies on SonyLIV:



IMDb rating: 5.7/10

This action thriller is about a wave of terror that engulfs the nation when prominent leaders are taken hostage by a mysterious figure known as Godse. Determined to expose the motives behind this shocking act, a dedicated police officer must find a way to save them through a critical investigation.

DJ Tillu

IMDb rating: 7.2/10

This romance drama follows the life of a young man named Bala Gangadhar Tilak, who has a passion for music; his stage name is DJ Tillu. He dreams of being a crowdpuller, thanks to his electrifying music. However, when he meets Radhika, love lands him in an unexpected situation. Will his feelings for her alter his DJ aspirations, or can he find a way to blend his love for music with the blooming romance?

Oke Oke Jeevitham

IMDb rating: 7.8/10

Released in 2022, this sci-fi melodrama offers a unique connection between a musician and a scientist when they team up to build a time machine to go back to the past. They aim to set things right after the musician loses his loved ones in a terrible incident and is struggling with severe grief. What twists and turns await him in the past? Will he be able to change anything and return to the present?

Martin Luther King

IMDb rating: 7.3/10

This political drama is the intriguing story of two political candidates who have completely different visions for their community’s future. They end up receiving an equal number of votes in an election. All eyes are on Martin Luther King, a man who belongs to the lower strata of society, whose vote will determine who wins the elections. How far will the candidates go to win his vote? And what will Martin Luther King do with this newfound power?


IMDb rating: 5.5/10

The story is about Vishwa, a talented and intelligent hacker who makes money through wrong means. He falls in love with Mitra. When he decides to pursue her, his dark past catches up with him. Someone whom he wronged is now seeking revenge and tries to do everything to ruin Vishwa and Mitra’s lives. The movie is about Vishwa’s struggles to overcome the situation and save Mitra.

Itlu Amma

IMDb rating: 8.3/10

This story begins with a terrible stormy night when a young boy named Venu gets hurt badly. His mother, Balasaraswathi, rushes to the police station for help, but they don't do much. Disappointed and scared, Balasaraswathi decides to find Venu by herself with all her strength. Does she succeed?

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