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Best web series to watch on Kanccha Lannka

From Barang 1999 to Love You Lovely, check out these best Odia web series exclusively on Kanccha Lannka.

Best web series to watch on Kanccha Lannka

Barang 1999, Love You Lovely

Last Updated: 10.46 PM, Jun 23, 2024


Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Odia cinema, also known as Ollywood, that brings you some captivating stories. These regional contents are accessible across the nation through the streaming platform, Kanccha Lannka. From Barang 1999 to Love You Lovely, here we have curated some of the best Odia web series on Kanccha Lannka, which you can also watch through OTTplay Premium.

Best web series on Kanccha Lannka:

Barang 1999

A woman’s fight for justice against some of the powerful leaders forces several prominent political figures to step down. This tale explores the power struggle in the political arena, and how it affects the ordinary people.


Bhubaneswar Nights

Bhubaneswar, the vibrant capital city of Odisha, hides a dark secret like any other city in India. This series delves into the dark realities of the city such as sex trafficking, drug dealing, corruption, and poverty.

Gangs of Puri

In 1990, a Bengali hotelier sought to build a luxurious resort. He soon seeks help from local MLA Raja Bahinipati. But their plan clashes with Babu Jena, the crime lord in the area. A violent power struggle erupts between Babu and rival gangs. However, in this chaos, Shiva gets thrust into the underworld, but he emerges as the new kingpin of the area.


Six members of businessman Chandi Das’ family suddenly die. Is it a case of murder or suicide? Assigned to the case, Anubhav Sarangi faces pressure and threats as he relentlessly pursues to unfold the truth.

Okha Express

Set in the backdrop of Surat, Ajay, a migrant worker, joins forces with a cunning youth and a gangster to challenge the ruthless goon of the area. But they are left questioning their own choices in this 8-episode thriller.


A young journalist, Arvind, uncovers a web of secrets surrounding the death of Home Minister, Prabha Devi’s husband. As Arvind delves deeper, he must face the challenges created by the Home Minister herself. Attacks and threats become his daily life struggles. But Arvind is determined to expose Prabha’s wrongdoings.

Love You Lovely

This romance drama tells the story of a teenage boy, from a traditional orthodox family. He struggles to explore the confusing world of sexuality. Torn between his desires, and societal norms, his world turns upside down with the new arrival of a neighbour named, Lovely.

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