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Popular food shows to watch on Distro TV

From Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen to Chef Amrita Raichand's Mummy Ka Magic, check out the best cooking shows available on Distro TV.

Popular food shows to watch on Distro TV

Stills from popular cooking shows. 

Last Updated: 09.36 PM, Jun 18, 2024


Whipping up healthy food that also tastes good is no mean task. While kids prefer snacky and yummy food, adults usually opt for healthier options. So, if you are a parent, try watching K For Kids on Distro TV - a culinary show catering to the eating habits of the young ones. But if you wish to learn the art of cooking amazing Indian food, you can try watching Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen or Turban Tadka. All these shows can be accessed on Distro TV and OTTplay Premium.

Food shows to watch on Distro TV

Sanjeev Kapoor's Kitchen


Sanjeev Kapoor, the most famous chef in India, has bagged the top spot in this list. The show offers a wide range of recipes that combine inventive cooking methods, foreign flavours, and traditional Indian cuisine. Cooks, professional or otherwise, can now easily prepare creative dishes with the help of this show.

Channel Name: Food Food

Turban Tadka

This show offers you the true taste of India! This lively show is a vibrant voyage into the heart of desi cuisine, hosted by chef Harpal Singh Sokhi. Chef Sokhi, who is well-known for his captivating style, gives each episode a distinct flavour that makes it enjoyable and instructive.

Channel Name: Food Food

K for Kids

The goal of Chef Shazia Khan's K for Kids show is to make cooking enjoyable and fun for kids. With the help of this entertaining program, children can learn to cook in a playful setting, which will also help them respect their parents’ efforts in the kitchen.

Channel Name: Food Food

Mummy Ka Magic

Chef Amrita Raichand hosts this yummy culinary show, which is a must-watch for any mother who is looking to feed healthy and yummy food to their children. This show offers a delectable array of recipe ideas that turn boring meals into yummy yet healthy treats for the kids.

Channel Name: Food Food


Popular chef Vicky Ratnani cooks meals from exotic places around the globe. He also provides you with an explanation of the culture, the background of the dish, and everything in between.  A must-watch for those wanting to learn more about various dishes.

Channel Name: Food Food

Dine Your Sign

This show is hosted by chef Siobhan Detkavich, the youngest-ever competitor on Top Chef Canada Chef Siobhan Detkavich. The chef brings forth an interesting show that looks into the connection between each of the 12 Zodiac signs and a particular dish.

Channel Name: Gusto TV

Wizard of Sauce

In The Wizard of Sauce, chef Kyle Crawford reveals the secrets of the enchanted world of sauces and proves that anyone can become a culinary wizard. Kyle Crawford discusses current topics pertaining to pop culture, fashion, and lifestyle while offering advice on how to prepare various sauces.

Channel Name: Gusto TV

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