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Top movies on Kanccha Lannka to binge-watch right now

From Sala Budha to 2 Chocolate, here are some of the top movies on Kanccha Lannka that you can easily binge-watch right now.

Top movies on Kanccha Lannka to binge-watch right now

Kanccha Lannka movies: Sala Budha to T

Last Updated: 07.33 PM, Jun 23, 2024


Kanccha Lannka is a regional streaming platform that brings a plethora of exciting web series, movies, short films, songs, and even news from the heart of Odisha. Ollywood – The cinematic name for their entertainment industry bridges the gap between enthralling movies and viewers. Whether you’re looking for some popular or latest movies, we’ve handpicked some of the top movies on Kanccha Lannka that you can easily binge-watch right now.

Interestingly, these are also available on OTTplay Premium for your consumption. Take a look at the below suggestions and immerse yourself in the imaginative world of Odia cinema.

Best Kanccha Lannka movies to watch now

Sala Budha


Sabyasachi Mohapatra’s directorial features Atal Bihari Panda and Prithviraj Nayak in the lead. Sala Budha, or The Stupid Old Man in English translation, is a poignant art film that sheds light on the cultural heritage and traditions of Odisha. Set in the British Era, the plot revolves around Bharat Ram aka, the titular Sala Budha, who was the head of a small village. Despite oppression from the ruthless king and the devastating famine, Bharat doesn’t lose hope and unites his people to face the challenges.

Tu Mo Girlfriend

Avtar Singh’s romantic film Tu Mo Girlfriend, as the name highlights, revolves around love. It features a star-studded ensemble cast including Arindam Roy, Ruplekha Mitra, Aparajita Mohanty, Uttam Mohanty, Mihir Das, Bobby Mishra, Jairam Samal, Raimohan Parida, Papu Pom Pom, and Saroj Das. The plot revolves around a man who falls for his boss' sister. Thus begins a chain of disapprovals as the lovebirds fight against the strict brother and the family to persuade them for marriage.

2 Chocolate

Directed by Sushant Mani, this romantic drama film reflects on love, relationship complexities and the value of separation. Starring Lohit, Swapna, Nitu Singh, and Chita Ranjan, this intriguing love story revolves around Raja, who is obsessively in love with Ahana, only to get disappointed after rejection. However, fate takes a twist when separation stirs the magic of love. Will this blossom into something meaningful? Stream this movie to unveil their love story.


Sudhakar Basant’s action-packed film follows a gripping tale of immorality and revenge. Starring an ensemble with Sambit Acharya, Prakruti Mishra, Illu Banarjee, Saroj Das, and others in prominent roles, the movie revolves around a brutal criminal gang that kills a man after he witnesses their criminal activities. Things take a dark turn when the son is hellbent to avenge his father’s death.


Jitesh Kumar Parida’s critically acclaimed film sheds light on the harsh realities of social discrimination based on gender and sexuality. The makers unveiled the captivating poster and trailer at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, and the movie has gained immense fame for its narrative and emotionally charged performances, especially the lead character of a transgender woman by Debasish Sahoo. Based on the inspirational story of India's first transgender cab driver, Meghna Sahoo, the movie traces her powerful journey to empower the transgender community against social stereotypes and embarks on a movement of change and acceptance. Ranbeeir Kalsi, Usasi Misra, and Prasanjeet Mohapatra also feature in pivotal roles.

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