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Trending movies on CinemaWorld to binge-watch now

From Blizzard of Souls to Erased, here are some exciting movies across the world to watch on CinemaWorld, which you won't find in any other platform 

Trending movies on CinemaWorld to binge-watch now

Blizzard of Souls, Erased

Last Updated: 09.38 PM, Jul 08, 2024


CinemaWorld, this striking OTT platform unites the cinematic masterpieces from across the globe, which has mind-bending storylines that can honour the boundless creativity of human imagination and the rich tapestry of international filmmaking, showcasing a diverse range of perspectives, cultures, and actors that reflect the complexities and beauty of our shared experiences.

Here we have curated some unheard movies that are streaming on CinemaWorld, which you won't find in any other popular streaming giants. The interesting part is you can also watch these movies through OTTplay Premium. 

Trending movies on CinemaWorld:

Blizzard of Souls

This war drama tells a tragic story of a teenager, who witnessed his mother’s brutal murder. The boy named Arturs, joins the Army, driven by the thirst for revenge. But the war’s traumatic aftermath redirects his quest, replacing vengeance with a new sense of purpose and a journey towards healing and redemption. 



Young woman named Lilja seeks refuge with her estranged grandparents as she pursues a spot in a prestigious art group. But when her father and aunt discover her whereabouts, a desperate and forceful estrangle begins. As long-buried secrets and dark family dynamics surface, Lilja’s dreams and very existence get threatened. 

The Golden Dream

Three teenagers embark on a journey to the US, seeking a bright future, leaving their beloved hometown behind. As they venture into the unknown, their lives undergo a transformative odyssey, shaped by new experiences, challenges, and discoveries that change their destinies forever. 

A House in Jerusalem

A young Jewish-British girl is filled with grievance with the loss of her mother. Soon she relocates from London to Jerusalem with her other family members, seeking a refreshing beginning. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when she encounters the ghost of a Palestinian girl, who was brutally killed by her loved ones. The duo discovers an unlikely bond that transcends borders and identities. 


A young mother finds herself trapped in a haunted nightmare of red tape and administrative horrors after she seemingly vanishes from the hospital’s records, leading to a heart-wrenching struggle to reclaim her newborn baby and her very own identity, which got erased by the faceless object in her dreams. 

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