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7 Trending web series on Ullu to watch right now

From Badan to Nau Do Gyarah, check out the sensational trending web series on Ullu.

7 Trending web series on Ullu to watch right now

Badan, Nau Do Gyarah

Last Updated: 11.55 AM, Jul 05, 2024


Ullu focuses on providing a wide variety of exciting and sensational content. From sensual romances to bone-chilling thrillers, Ullu has everything that gets people hooked to the platform instantly. Badan, Jane Anjane Mein – 4 and Chawl House are among the top trending series on Ullu, that vouch for this fact. Here, we have curated a list of the trending web series on Ullu, which you can also watch through OTTplay Premium.

Top trending web series on Ullu:



Starring Ashraf Ahmed and Aayushi Jaiswal, Badan centres around a man named Ashwin, who is a hopeless romantic. His life turns upside down when he falls in love with Nikki without realising that she's married. When he tries to end the relationship, Nikki’s possessiveness turns sinister, leaving Ashwin trapped in a web of danger. Will Ashwin be able to detangle himself?

Chawl House

Step into the heart of Mumbai’s chawl through this series, starring Sneha Paul and Dakshith Kumar. When a young guest begins to live in this chawl, he soon gets captivated by a young married woman as he witnesses the couple's romantic moments. Will the man’s deep desire to be with the woman ever come true?

Jane Anjane Mein - 4

The series portrays a love triangle between Chandni, her father-in-law, and a young guest. However, soon Chandni faces a terrible situation when the guest starts to blackmail her with a video. Starring Jinnie Jaaz, Dinesh Vidya, Lalit Dixit and Dutt Sharma, the series explores the themes of desire, jealousy, and the complexities of relationships.


Mukesh Oberoi’s traditional legacy is in stark contrast with his son Siddharth’s profit-centric mindset. This ideological clash not only creates problems in their business, but also in their family. While Mukesh is trying to uphold his legacy, Siddharth’s relentless pursuit of profit and rapid growth threatens to undermine the foundation. Will the father-son duo ever be able to come to a mutual agreement? Watch the series, starring Heral, Gungun, Ayaat Khan, and Siddhartha on Ullu to know more.

Estate Manager

A gripping story of love, betrayal, and hidden truths that unfold when Neha discovers a corrupt land deal. Ratan’s involvement in drug trafficking adds another layer of complexities, forcing them to make choices that will impact their lives forever. Priyanka Chaurasia, Neha Gupta, Ritu, and Mussarat Ali feature in the series.


Priya and Jay long to be with one another. But Jay’s father Dahad Singh doesn’t accept Priya as his daughter-in-law. So, she decides to live with them in their house and win everyone's hearts. The series stars Khushi Mukherjee, Sunil Sikand, Sanjay Bhardwaj and Preveen Yadav.

9/2/11: Nau Do Gyarah - Part 2

Starring Jessica Laljee, Tapati Bera, Ranveer Singh and Bhavesh Valji Kantariya, the series follows Jay and Jhanvi as they connect over their personal experiences, that deepens their relationship later. Just when they thought they are happy, Jhanvi gets involved in a dangerous scheme. Will their love get fulfilled ever?

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