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Lock Upp day 43 written update: Mandana Karimi reveals ace director forced her for abortion, asked her to get out of their house

Mandana Karimi revealed that this ace filmmaker is actually someone who supports women power very openly and reached the top from zero.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.15 PM, Apr 11, 2022

Lock Upp day 43 written update: Mandana Karimi reveals ace director forced her for abortion, asked her to get out of their house
Lock Upp - Mandana Karimi.

Day 43 (Judgement Day) in Lock Upp begins with Kangana Ranaut talking about how Lock Upp has revolutionized reality shows. She then talks about the chargesheet and how Munawar Faruqui and Azma Fallah are safe from evictions.

The host then introduces how Saisha Shinde mocked Payal Rohatgi and made Anjali Arora laugh with that. Payal, on the other hand, tells Kaaranvir Bohra that Saisha is a smart player. She wants to start thinking of alliances now and it started with KV. She then calls Zeeshan Khan 'puppy dog' and says he hasn't even realized that she destoryed two of his cigarette packets.

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Meanwhile, Zeeshan, Mandana Karimi and Saisha talk about Payal and Zeeshan says he wanted to smash her face to the ground. Zeeshan asks Saisha to ignore her.

Payal then discusses with Azma Fallah about Munawar keeping his marriage a secret. Mandana says Munawar's face was frozen and it was his lowest point. KV then talks about being a parent and how tears came down his eyes.

MunJali get emotional. Anjali is seen crying while hiding her face. Munawar and Poonam make her laugh. Poonam tells Munawar that Anjali didn't fall for her intentionally.

Kangana asks the contestants which wild card is ruining their game. Munawar names Vinit, asking him to keep his own opinion rather than fighting. KV also names Vinit because of the same reason. Anjali names Zeeshan as competitive. Payal calls Mandana her competition and states how she is copying her.

Kangana then asks Azma and she names Munawar as her competition. Azma then names three inmates who are there for free food. She names Vinit, Mandana and Ali.

Saisha, Poonam, Ali, Munawar, Zeeshan, Payal, Shivam name Vinit. Anjali names KV and vice-versa. Mandana names Poonam and she hits back, only to talk it out later. Thanks to the task, Vinit is in the bottom of the chargesheet. He won't get an opportunity to reveal a secret either. Zeeshan, Ali and Munawar talk to Vinit about how he should ask for another opportunity.

Shivam, KV, Saisha, Mandana and Payal are still unsafe from evictions. They have to pick a name among themselves. Nobody can save Shivam but he can save someone.

Saisha saves Mandana and vice-versa. Shivam and Payal name KV. Kaaranvir names Payal too. KV wins and is safe.

Poonam later discusses about Mandana incident with Saisha. The secret round is here. Payal gets the word rehab. Shivam gets best friend. Saisha gets famous designer. Mandana gets ace director.

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Mandana gets emotional even thinking about her secret. She gets to reveal the secret and breaks down even thinking about it. She talks about a period in lockdown when she was lost in social media and went silent in real world after her separation and divorce. Mandana talks about her secret relationship with a very well-known director who talks about women's independence in the real world and is an idol to people who want to become filmmakers. She states that he has no parents and became someone from the scratch. Mandana reveals the relationship went on for a year and a half but she kept it a secret because she wasn't divorced at that time. She spoke about how the relationship became intense and she started staying with that person and she called him her partner. After three-four months of the relationship, they planned a baby. Mandana reveals that when she got pregnant, this director backed off stating he isn't emotionally ready to become a father again. The actress reveals there is a case going on against the director and his ex is not over him and thus, with the help of her friends, he convinced her to have an abortion. Mandana agreed to the decision because she comes from a broken home and doesn't want that for another child. After her abortion, he asked her to leave the house because his writers are coming. She talks about how this director creates beautiful movies but doesn't deserve to be named.

Thanks to her secret, Mandana is safe from evictions. Meanwhile, Shivam tells Saisha about how his father's former friend also did the same thing and is now locked up in Tihar jail for his wrongdoings. KV tells Shivam he knows the person who did that with Mandana.

KV asks Anjali if she knew about Munawar's wedding and she asks him instead. KV says that nobody knew about it even in the outside world. Nonetheless, he is happy to see Munawar have a baby.

Saisha and Shivam are safe with a warning. Payal is safe and Vinit is evicted from the show. Zeeshan tells Munawar that somebody told him to be careful of KV. Meanwhile, Munawar says that his bond with KV was good and he is hurt that Vinit left because he didn't harm anyone in his team but things changed after Saisha told him everything. Azma also tells Shivam that he should stand up to KV. He says he will do what he feels is right.

Munawar says that he doesn't like to talk about his wedding because people offer sympathy and he doesn't like that. Saisha guides her on the same.