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Lock Upp day 66 written update: Azma Fallah to compete with Prince Narula for finale warrant

Azma and Prince chose each other to take to the grand finale stage. Munawar Faruqui was in the running.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 08.13 PM, May 02, 2022

Lock Upp day 66 written update: Azma Fallah to compete with Prince Narula for finale warrant
Lock Upp - Azma Fallah, Prince Narula.

All the kaidis from Kangana Ranaut's show enter the finale week. Shivam Sharma taunts Payal Rohatgi almost as instantly as he wakes up. He then taunts her through Anjali Arora. Meanwhile, Payal gives it back by calling him a joker through Azma Fallah. Shivam then calls Payal 'Azma ki sidekick'. Munawar adds in and calls Payal the makkhi who sits in tatti. Payal then questions him about Kangana's joke and then calling Azma a troll. Munawar and Shivam then sing 'Jaa chudail' for Payal. Soon, Munawar asks Payal to remove her Zeeshan Khan gun - that Munawar irked Zeeshan to get violent with Azma. Payal calls him out saying he will now do a skit on then incident and Munawar agrees, further saying he'll find 'tragedy mein comedy'.

MunJali then argue with Payal and call her a troll. Munawar hits back asking Payal if he should remind Payal about romance and affection on reality shows. He hits about her viral photos of Payal and Rahul Mahajan from Bigg Boss 2.

Munawar and Payal drag their time in prison during their argument in Lock Upp. Azma hits back at Payal saying she should not drag her name in the matter.

The kaidis don't have to do sharirik shram because it is International Labour Day. Seven kaidis will be locked out by the end of the week, to get the first winner.

Anjali talks to Payal about her votes getting divided with Munawar. Payal talks about how Munawar tries to show the other person as bad but she wants to show his negative side too.

Shivam enacts how Payal sleeps, with Azma. He wants 'energy vampire' and 'pret atma' Payal to be quiet. Poonam Pandey also discusses about Payal with Prince Narula. Later, Shivam talks about black magic and warns Anjali that her teddy has been targetted. He wants to give all the kaidis (except the 'pret atma' Payal) a lemon. Payal brings her topic of not being able to conceive and asks Shivam what can she do. Poonam laughs at him and Anjali questions her action. Then, Poonam loses it on her.

The kaidis have to promote other kaidis except Poonam and Saisha Shinde. Munawar gets to work. Anjali tells Prince that she really needs his vote. Both MunJali hold Prince like a baby and walk with him. Prince asks the kaidis not to pitch for him and he will depend on the audiences. Munawar tells Anjali that he deserves Anjali's vote. Meanwhile, Payal tells Poonam that since there is a lot of bro code, there should also be a sis code. She says so while pitching herself. Anjali approaches Saisha for her vote and hints about Payal's targetting. Anjali says that she has worked for Munawar but never showed it out of friendship and love. Azma pitches to Prince and Payal pitches to her.

Munawar takes a dig at Payal again, calling her a paagal khaana patient. She gives it back, as expected. He says that they shouldn't even try to pitch for each other. Munawar reveals about Payal making a deal with Anjali. Azma, who is eating with others, also hears so.

Munawar and Anjali have an argument soon. She gets emotional too. Saisha tells Poonam that they both play the game and do this all the time. She then states she is going for Azma over MunJali. Poonam calls MunJali inseparable and Saisha agrees. Anjali is upset because people say she is doing 'chamchagiri' with Munawar. They have a MunJali moment soon.

Saisha reveals to Payal that she was in a throuple. For the uninitiated, a throuple is where three people are in a relationship. Here, Saisha was in a relationship with a man and a woman and she claims she was the 'queen' (king, since this was when Saisha was Swapnil) in the relationship. Saisha then reveals she hasn't explored various options after her operation because of her insecurities.

Shivam picks Azma as the kaidi he will nominate for finale. When he targets Payal and she questions him for picking Azma after nominating her in the chargesheet, Shivam hilariously says, "I flipped."

Munawar picks Anjali. Azma questions if his shadow should reach the finale and he praises Anjali for learning the game on the show and coming so far.

Saisha and Anjali pick Munawar. Poonam picks Azma. Payal picks Prince. She picks on Shivam and he gives it back by not letting her talk. Saisha accuses Payal of lying for the tasks and the two have an argument.

Azma picks Prince and he picks her back. Prince sees him, Munawar, Anjali and Azma in the finale. Payal loses it since he doesn't name her despite promising to take her ahead. Prince had gone to the extent of saying that he will walk out of the show if she doesn't go to the finale. She further argues when Prince says that Payal probably wasn't friends with Azma ever, if their friendship was weak. Payal retorts saying they are in a task and nobody can judge friendship on that basis. Shivam accuses Payal of spitting on him and the two have an argument.

Payal gets 0 pitches, Anjali 1, Munawar and Prince 2 and Azma 3. Thus, Azma gets the opportunity to get the finale warrant. Munawar and Prince will fight it out. Azma has to pick someone. She names Prince and he asks her to go for Munawar, which she doesn't.

Shivam irritates Payal. Munawar, Azma and Poonam join in as Shivam creates music from banging plates. Payal ignores and then observes them all. Shivam bangs plates when Payal is sleeping. As Azma laughs, Payal questions if she is enjoying what is happening and Azma agrees. Payal takes the matter to Prince, who talks about how Shivam is hurt and nobody expects anything from her.

Anjali questions Payal for trying to go against provoking when that is all she did on the show. Shivam refuses to talk to Payal and hugs Azma when Payal sits on the bed where Shivam and Azma are seated. Munawar says, "Azma ke maze hai."

Shivam applies shaving cream all over his face and irritates Payal. She asks him to stop and he refuses to do so. Payal says he is provoking her to another level and he asks her to slap him. When she refuses to do that and says she will drag him out of the show, Shivam asks Payal to get her lawyer. Payal screams late at night and wakes up all the kaidis. She eventually does throw water on Shivam and he complains to the makers about his mic being destroyed. When Payal stop him from banging plates by bringing her hand, he applies the foam from his face on her clothes. Others laugh and Payal asks them to enjoy the show. Payal says Shivam is worthy if being spat on and when Azma defends him, Payal calls her also 'aunty'.

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