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Lock Upp day 68 written update: Pratik Sehajpal announces Prince Narula as second confirmed finalist of Kangana's show

Pratik also gave the kaidis of Kangana Ranaut's Lock Upp a gift on Eid and Akshay Tritiya.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 01.02 PM, May 05, 2022

Lock Upp day 68 written update: Pratik Sehajpal announces Prince Narula as second confirmed finalist of Kangana's show
Lock Upp - Prince Narula, Pratik Sehajpal.

All the kaidis congratulate Saisha Shinde for her performance against Poonam Pandey. Thus, day 68 in Lock Upp begins soon after Poonam gets evicted from the show.

Payal Rohatgi tells Azma Fallah that she felt Munawar Faruqui brainwashed her. All the kaidis talk about them giving Payal an opportunity to be friends. Shivam tells Azma that Payal wants to use her for four days.

Shivam simply refuses to talk to Payal and continues trying to woo ghosts away. Later, Payal talks to Azma while Shivam goes with Munawar and says that he feels Payal does blackmagic. Payal tells Azma that their friendship is real and they should give each other importance. Munawar wishes everyone Chand Mubarak and Shivam continues his antics with Payal. While Prince laughs, Saisha does facepalm seeing the same. Prince then wakes Payal up who ignores everything and goes back to sleep.

Munawar says Eid Mubarak and gives Prince a hug. Later, Saisha asks Shivam to clear things with Payal. He says it is. Then Payal describes the whole situation.

The new task is here. The kaidis can use the yard to make grafitti. From badass Dongri wala to Lock Upp is Boom Baam, the kaidis show their creative side.

Shivam and Azma have a moment again as she accuses him of doing dirty talks after drinking. Shivam says he will marry Azma and gets teased immensely.

Pratik Sehajpal enters the show. He wishes them Eid Mubarak and Akshay Tritiya. The actor gives the kaidis gifts. He then confirms that Prince is the second finalist, just like the kaidis felt.

Munawar reveals that there is a time to be in every area of Lock Upp. Shivam tells Pratik that there is a love traingle between MunJali and Saisha. Pratik then talks about Shivam making hearts for Sara Khan.

Pratik asks Munawar to go shirtless and do push ups. He competes with Shivam. To make things interesting, he gets Azma to sit on Munawar and Anjali to sit on Shivam. Munawar turns ghoda for Azma, leaving her surprised.

Anjali doesn't want Azma to go to the finals but feel Saisha won't go. Saisha names Payal and Azma respectively. Munawar feels that one out of Saisha and Azma might not go to the finale. He wants Payal to not go there. Munawar says Payal is strong competition and he doesn't like her at all. Payal says her feelings are mutual and she can't stand him. She then says Saisha will go out before anybody else. Prince names Saisha, Azma and Payal. He feels Payal gets lowest votes. He names Payal and Saisha. He picks the latter and wants Munawar to leave because he's the smartest player of the lot. Shivam feels Payal will leave but wants Saisha to leave. Azma wants Anjali to leave and feels she will leave. Saisha was most named.

When Pratik asks who is less deserving from Shivam and Prince, Anjali names Shivam. Saisha and Azma name Prince. Payal and Prince have an argument when he says that people don't need to fight in order to be badass.

Pratik asks the remaining five contestants who will go out. Anjali and Payal name Saisha, Saisha and Munawar name Azma and Azma names Anjali. Nobody is evicted.

Prince confronts Payal about her changing stance about Azma and him. Shivam lightens the mood as Payal and Azma fight. Saisha tells the cameras that Payal is 'chalta phirta contradiction.' Payal accuses Munawar of depressing people.

Azma tears apart Payal's bedsheet. Soon, Payal wears the necklace and the guards stop her. The kaidis pick on her. Prince says Payal thought it is a task and she has to steal the necklace. Shivam writes Payal chor hai in the yard area after the incident. He later pours shaving cream on Payal's hair while she sleeps. Shivam doesn't stop there. He plays the prank with every kaidi. Shivam then moves from cream to powder. As Azma wakes up and leaves, Shivam ruins her bed with the foaming cream and falls asleep.