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Lock Upp day 70 semi finale with TejRan written update: Saisha Shinde out, finalists confirmed

Payal Rohatgi becomes the 6th finalist of Lock Upp.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 01.36 AM, May 07, 2022

Lock Upp day 70 semi finale with TejRan written update: Saisha Shinde out, finalists confirmed

Day 70 (semi-finale) commences with the kaidis getting the glimpse of a car. Prince Narula and Payal Rohatgi admire the car. Payal later tells Anjali Arora she feels they will be friends outside the show. Anjali tells Payal that Munawar Faruqui isn't even talking to her since two days. They call him shaana, while Munawar can't stop gwnawing at the car and everything around Lock Upp. Munawar says that he generally moves on early but he would not want to move on from Lock Upp and would rather want to talk about it.

At the dinner table, Saisha Shinde asks Payal if she would help with cooking. She refuses so saying that the others have simply licked Munawar on the show. The two have an argument over that. Payal then has an argument with Prince too. Shivam gets in between and brings a drum to capture Payal. He then entertains by creating music.

The kaidis relive memories from the show through photos. Jailor Karan Kundrra enters the jail as a surprise. He talks about the beautiful inter-relationship the kaidis share. As he says that the live feed will stop, Karan gets emotional and Prince gives him a hug. Payal and Saisha get emotional too.

Karan takes a tour of the jail with the kaidis. The jailor says he was rooting for Azma before Zeeshan Khan incident. He says the show got 500 million views.

Karan calls Payal 'zakhmi sherni' while praising her game. He then goes on to introduce everyone and soon, says that there will be one winner and one who will be evicted.

Karan introduces his special guest Tejasswi Prakash, who is Lock Upp's warden. Instantly, he flirts with her. Munawar then introduces the kaidis to Teja. The way he introduces Payal is hilarious. Munawar then calls Saisha his special friend.

The jhol ghar task is here. The kaidis get five-course Italian meal. Karan blackmails Munawar after he makes a shayari for Tejasswi and it is a joke. Azma apologizes if she has hurt others too. Payal says that she doesn't hate anybody and in fact loves Munawar because he kept her going on the show.

Prince calls Shivam 'bighda hua baccha' and says Azma is equal parts teekhi and pyaari, which makes her emotional. Munawar thanks Anjali for taking care of him. The comedian says that he isn't fond of Payal but doesn't hate her either and might just become friends with Sangram Singh.

The evictions are here. Shivam and Prince are confirmed. Karan talks about how evil eye locket is special for TejRan.

Tejasswi saves Azma first. She then gives Anjali the locket to give it to Munawar. MunJali then share a hug. Tejasswi then gives the locket to Anjali. Now, Payal and Saisha compete from bottom two. Payal gets the necklace. Thus, Saisha is evicted from the show. With that, the six finalists are here.

As they are about to leave, MunJali and Prince give a group hug and so do Shivam, Azma and Payal. Everyone gets emotional and cries.

Munawar tells Anjali that he found a good friend in her. He then says he was always scared about crossing the line with her because he didn't want to lose her as a friend. He asks people to take their name since it isn't their fault.

Karan then makes his last memories with the kaidis together. He bids the jail goodbye with them. Munawar gives Shivam a back hug as that happens.