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Lock Upp Exclusive! Munawar Faruqui saves himself, puts Azma Fallah in chargesheet till Judgement Day

Prince Narula changed his stand from putting Munawar Faruqui in the spot to adding Azma Fallah there.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.47 PM, Apr 25, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Munawar Faruqui saves himself, puts Azma Fallah in chargesheet till Judgement Day
Lock Upp - Munawar Faruqui, Azma Fallah.

Azma Fallah has been locked in the chargesheet on Lock Upp. She cannot be saved till Judgement Day. The first name was going to be Munawar Faruqui but eventually, Azma Fallah ended up being the name that the kaidis decided.

A source from the production house tells us that Prince Narula was going to put Munawar in the spot and Azma and Shivam both agreed to side with him. Somehow, the comedian convinced Prince to put Azma in it instead. Not just Prince, Munawar even convinced Saisha Shinde, Poonam Pandey and Anjali Arora. Thus, Azma became the kaidi who cannot be safe from chargesheet till Judgement Day.

Payal Rohatgi is also in the chargesheet. She has however taken a strong stand against Anjali Arora. She has declared Anjali useless and someone who simply stands on the name MunJali. Payal had nominated Anjali stating she wants to teach her a lesson and she needs a wake-up call if she needs to be in the grand finale.

While on Monday, the kaidis usually have to pick a person for eviction, this time they all, including ‘troublemaker’ Prince Narula, are in the chargesheet. Of course, Shivam Sharma is safe since he is the first finalist on the show.

During the task, the kaidis had to walk up to the podium and state why they don’t deserve to stay locked in the chargesheet. At the same time, they also have to name one kaidi who should be locked in. Since four out of seven kaidis agreed that Azma should be locked in, she is now the kaidi who cannot be saved till Kangana Ranaut’s Judgement Day, Sunday.

All the kaidis – Munawar, Prince, Poonam, Saisha, Payal, Azma, Shivam and Anjali – are in the semi finale. Ali Merchhant got locked out of the jail on Judgement Day, Sunday. He got to go home since Poonam Pandey wished to stay on Lock Upp a little longer. After the Judgement Day, we will get to see which five kaidis go to the grand finale. Shivam is definitely the first out of them to win the title.