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Lock Upp Exclusive! Zeeshan Khan on Azma Fallah incident: What are my crimes? Being a male Muslim?

Zeeshan Khan has raised many questions over his eviction on Lock Upp.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 01.36 PM, Apr 26, 2022

Lock Upp Exclusive! Zeeshan Khan on Azma Fallah incident: What are my crimes? Being a male Muslim?
Zeeshan Khan.

Zeeshan Khan was evicted from Lock Upp a week ago but his violent incident with Azma Fallah is in news till date. Recently, jailor Karan Kundrra spoke about it. We asked Zeeshan what really happened and he told us his side of the story.

Stating that he has been through mental abuse and a fan stood up for him, Zeeshan shared, “One of my fans brought this to my notice. He told others to read IPC section 504. That’s when they would know who’s right and who’s wrong. I got curious and got to know that it says that ‘intentional insult or provocation with the intent of breaking peace or provoking a person to a level where he does something that is not accepted by the law, is a punishable offence.’ This has been happening to me since day one. Why wasn’t any action taken on that?”

Zeeshan clarified that his problem is not with the makers. “I’m not pointing fingers at the makers. Let me be clear about that. This is a show and they are also humans. They would have thrown out Azma if it wasn’t a show. It’s a show where they need to bring the toxic side of people out and show to what level can a person stoop just to stay on the show. They did their part according to the show,” he said.

However, the actor said that nobody stood by him in the house, which has really affected him. “I’m upset at the people inside the house. I went and told people for two weeks that Azma is behaving a certain way and asked them to stop her. No one did anything,” Zeeshan told us.

He earlier told us that Payal Rohatgi, who supports Azma, did not agree to tell Azma anything because she was playing her game. Hinting at that, Zeeshan said, “Only when it escalated so much is when people spoke about it. So, where’s the humanity? Where’s the justice for me? Mental, verbal abuse on me is okay? I’m supposed to take it?”

The actor then questioned, “So, like I said – what are my crimes over here? Being a Muslim and being a man? I’m supposed to stand up for women but when I do stand up for women, you put the woman card back on me. So, what am I supposed to do?”