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Lock Upp Ticket To Finale day 55 written update: Shivam Sharma is first finalist, Munawar Faruqui promises to compete

Anjali Arora was competing opposite Shivam in Kangana Ranaut's show.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.24 PM, Apr 22, 2022

Lock Upp Ticket To Finale day 55 written update: Shivam Sharma is first finalist, Munawar Faruqui promises to compete
Lock Upp - Munawar Faruqui, Shivam Sharma.

Lock Upp's Ticket To Finale is here and on day 55, Anjali Arora tells Ali Mercchant about how she didn't intend to hurt Munawar Faruqui. Ali tells her not to think too much. She says she can't trust Munawar anymore. Payal Rohatgi, on the other hand, tells Ali that Munawar is doing emotional drama. She then calls him 'psycho and deceptive' while questioning why he hasn't told Anjali he loves her yet.

Saisha Shinde tells Anjali she is upset with her as well as Munawar. Payal later approaches Prince Narula about why Munawar deserves an L for what he did. Prince goes and tells Munawar that. Payal approaches Prince again and Poonam and Saisha tease her. This time, Payal talks to Prince against Saisha. Prince tells her that he is giving one to Ali and the other is open.

Azma Fallah also tells Shivam Sharma that they need to get Ali out. She accuses him of doing cheap things with Anjali.

Munawar confesses to Saisha and Anjali that he is hurt. He accuses Anjali of backstabbing him. Later, while talking to Saisha, Munawar gets emotional.

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The next task is here. The contestants have to take tiles from Prince. He asks Poonam Pandey to do a hot dance without a number. Munawar asks for an opportunity and Prince says they can fight too. Meanwhile, Poonam seduces the cameras.

Prince gives the contestants new task. They have to break balloons but Poonam is distracted. Munawar and Ali go first and Anjali helps them with that.

Poonam and Anjali go next and Anjali fails immensely, while Poonam makes up for both of them. Payal and Azma go too and as expected, Payal rocks it. Shivam helps them out with gathering the balloons.

The next task is massage. Shivam goes for leg massage with Poonam. Ali goes for shoulder. Saisha sits in a corner, busy with her make-up. Soon, Munawar demands the ticket. Payal contradicts that. Azma says Munawar doesn't deserve an L at all.

Prince praises Shivam and asks him to turn into a gorilla and do an act. Prince calls Payal forward and gives him a sorry, while refusing to give Munawar an L. Munawar folds his hands while thanking Prince. The latter praises Payal for her fight. He promises to not let her go from the show and says that he will go if that moment ever comes.

Azma tells Munawar that she and him deserve to get the ticket. Meanwhile, Payal still cries and Saisha consoles her. Soon, Anjali apologizes to Munawar for backstabbing him but not for the game. She then says sorry for everything.

Shivam turns gorilla again, making Munawar roll on the floor laughing. Just then, the new task - searching the right key - is here. Munawar finds the first key. Payal comes to take things from him. She even asks Ali to do so. Shivam goes next but with wrong key. Munawar then teases him. Ali gets the key to another box. He gives the blocks to Saisha. Shivam throws the key and Munawar questions him why would he give up the opportunity to be in top three. Finally, Shivam does open the box. Anjali gets the last key and calls Munawar.

Saisha gives it back to Ali for his filling her block only by half. Prince decides his golden bricks to someone. Ali decides to bring Shivam and Saisha in the chargesheet. Prince loses his calm and calls everyone stupid for not starting the game. Prince convinces Azma that Ali and Saisha will get L.

Munawar gets L. Prince saves Saisha. Ali gets L too. Munawar and Ali are out of Ticket To Finale race. One more kaidi will be out. Saisha is out of the race too.

Anjali and Shivam will compete for Ticket To Finale. Other kaidis can also be a part of the game to support them.

Later, Prince tells Anjali and Saisha that Munawar is playing his game. He says they were wrong in apologizing. Munawar tells Azma he didn't want Saisha in the finale anyway but he wouldn't dirty his own hands.

Munawar tells Anjali that she has brought a partition in what they have. She cries, when Munawar gets next to her and tells her that they hurt him.

Munawar, Ali and Saisha support Anjali while Shivam asks for Saisha, Poonam and Payal. He then picks Azma instead of Saisha. Payal calls out Saisha but he says she has a good heart. There is an argument over that. Saisha considers Shivam. She tells Anjali the same. Thus, Poonam now supports Anjali while Saisha is with Shivam.

Jailor Karan Kundrra is here. He talks to Munawar about being hurt by Anjali and Saisha. Karan praises Anjali, Saisha and Prince. Saisha loses it on Munawar when he constantly says she backstabbed him.

It is Anjali vs Shivam. They have to go zorbing. Prince can play for any team in a given round. He can support the teams only twice in the four rounds.

Munawar goes and targets Payal and Azma. Shivam gives it back to Munawar, twice. He attacks Ali too, going out of his boundary line and coming into Anjali's. Munawar pushes Saisha and they both fall down. Prince replaces Saisha in the end of round one. He targets Ali and drops Anjali, thus helping Shivam win the round.

Munawar calls it unfair and Karan suggests only two people should support Anjali, since Saisha cannot play. Prince plays the second round nonetheless. Both Saisha and Poonam go out. Prince replaces Azma. He drops Anjali in round two as well.

In round three, Ali and Payal support Anjali and Shivam respectively. Shivam dives straight in and pushes both Ali and Anjali down. Thanks to the win, Shivam becomes the first kaidi to get Ticket To Finale and he can barely keep his emotions in check. He gets a new power too.

When Karan leaves, Shivam goes behind him for the warrant. Prince stops him saying he will get it. Meanwhile, Munawar is frustrated that his team didn't win. He taunts Ali by telling Anjali that nobody could touch him if she had just agreed to keep Munawar in the game. He later tells the cameras that he will get in the train without ticket but will reach his destination (the grand finale). He promises to play his game with as much intensity as day one.

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