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Is Loki season 3 even happening? Tom Hiddleston’s latest comments, the possibilities, and more

Loki season 2 has left us with a climax that deserves a season 3 and the wait for the announcement is making us restless. 

Is Loki season 3 even happening? Tom Hiddleston’s latest comments, the possibilities, and more
Is Loki 3 Happening?

Last Updated: 09.08 AM, Apr 07, 2024


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now taking needed measures and the bosses are being careful about what they present to the audience and at which speed, one character that has always been loved regardless of anything is Loki. The character played by Tom Hiddleston found so much appreciation that the studio made a standalone series for him, and it has run for two massively successful seasons. Credits also go to the makers who made a show worthy of an anti-hero who has had one of the most complex journeys in the MCU. But while we all rejoice in the finale of Loki season 2 and sit obsessed over his character arc, what is happening with season 3?

Is There a Loki Season 3?

Tom Hiddleston recently talked about Loki and what he has experienced with the God Of Mischief for years now. The actor has shared how he is unaware of where the character goes and whether there is a Loki Season 3 at all or not. However, this should also be taken with a pinch of salt because several times the NDAs signed by the actors working with Marvel Studios also stop them from revealing even the most minor of details. But having said that, even months after the end of Loki, we are back to where we started, and there are no concrete updates on whether there is a season 3.


As per the Comic Book Movie, Tom Hiddleston when asked about what is happening with Loki season 3 said, “I truthfully don’t know.” Talking about the character's arc and how he is honored, the star added, "To go from this lost, broken soul in Asgard, and be given a second chance and learn so much about life that he actually gives himself to protect other people, has been such an honor.”

But There Is Hope Too...

It was last year when executive producer Kevin Wright, while talking about Loki 3 around the release of Loki 2, had said there are ideas already that they have. While he confirmed it was him pitching the ideas he had and Marvel is yet to confirm anything, it was still hope because Wright does have a vote in the matter.

"We built a really awesome team, and if Loki is Breaking Bad, maybe there's a way for this team to keep telling stories with our version of Better Call Saul — whether that's with Sylvie, with the TVA, or with a new Loki," he added. "But we only want to do that if we have the right story and it can be just as fulfilling as this one. After all, you can't be the God of Stories if you're not going to tell more stories,” Kevin Wright had said.

How Did Loki 2 End?

Well, Loki season 2 ended by giving us one of the most intriguing, exciting, visually stunning climaxes for many Marvel X Disney+ shows ever, as we saw Loki saving everyone by destroying the temporal loom and with his magic, taking all the loose timelines and mending them together to make a version of Yggdrasil, aka the World Tree from Norse mythology.

Helmed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Loki season 2 starred Sophia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Eugene Cordero, Rafael Casal, Tara Strong, Kate Dickie, Liz Carr, Neil Ellice, with Jonathan Majors, Ke Huy Quan, and Owen Wilson.

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