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Lola trailer- A gritty and stirring story of survival and second chances

Actress Nicola Petz Beckham is all set to make her directorial debut with Lola, a poignant tale on generational trauma, survival, and pure, endless love.

Lola trailer- A gritty and stirring story of survival and second chances
A still from the trailer of Lola

Last Updated: 02.21 PM, Jan 12, 2024


Lola will mark the directorial debut and hand a tri-headed credit of director, screenplay writer, and lead protagonist, to actress Nicola Petz Beckham, who is known for her role on M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender. Vertical’s upcoming feature, Lola, which will be released theatrically and digitally on February 9, 2024, right in time for Valentine’s week.

The trailer offers a solid insight into the film's premise

Vertical released the trailer of Lola recently, which showed Nicola as the protagonist Lola. The trailer follows Lola and her little brother, who is still on the fence about his gender. The trailer highlights their home’s abusive environment, along with their bigoted mother’s abuse and hate speech, naming all their fun antics and cross dressing as ‘sin’.


The trailer cursorily traces the plot, which tells the story of a young adult, Lola, who works at the convenience store and leads a simple, albeit traumatized existence. The film mightily explores the concept of generational trauma as well as bigotry, depicted by Lola’s abusive mother, who gets violent and hateful over a fun spot of putting makeup on her brother, who enjoys it.

The conflict in Lola's life

Lola is determined to work hard and earn enough to get herself and her brother out of town. But when catastrophe strikes, it comes armed. The trailer shows a montage of thrilling shots and scenes, that show how Lola hits the nadir of her life, unknowingly becomes pregnant, while her little brother’s fate is unknown.

The sneak peek into the film had shown a particularly heartbreaking scene, where the sweet, innocent boy’s longish locks are brutally shaved by his ruthless mother, who further forbids Lola from infecting his life with her ‘sin’.

A second chance?

The long trailer does not leave one in despair, baiting the viewers with a glimpse of a potential future of Lola with her kid and boyfriend, enjoying a day at the amusement park. But if it is real, or just a tricky wish of her wistful thinking, is not known. But that is what makes the film’s premise all the more intriguing, as the trailer shows Lola descend into hedonism and drugs to escape her sad reality.

The impact her lifestyle will have on her child, and whether there will be a happy future for her in the cards is unconfirmed. But scenes from the trailer, with Lola being complimented on her quality of being a true survivor, and Lola’s own voiceover proclaiming of second chances give us hope.

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