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Lomad’s Auroshikha Dey: I always knew that we were going to make history with this film

Lomad, which releases on August 4, is touted as the world's first black-and-white single-take film

Lomad’s Auroshikha Dey: I always knew that we were going to make history with this film

Auroshikha Dey

Last Updated: 05.10 PM, Jul 31, 2023


Auroshikha Dey first fell in love with acting when she was doing her graduation. Having been bitten by the bug after becoming a part of the dramatics club, she went on to perfect her craft at FTII (Film and Television Institute of India).

Over the years, she has starred in films across industries, including Chatrapathi, The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi, and Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein. She has also starred in web series like Damaged and Flesh.

Auroshikha is most excited about her upcoming film, director Hemwant Tiwari's Lomad, which is touted as the world's first black-and-white single-take film. The movie has won several critical accolades at film festivals like the Chicago South Asian Film Festival 2021, the Boston International Film Festival, the International Film Festival of Melbourne 2021, and the One Take Film Festival 2021.

Ahead of the film’s release on August 4, we spoke to Auroshika to find out more about the actress and woman. Excerpts from a conversation:

Give us some insights into your role in Lomad...
I play a very interesting character. I can't talk much about my part because that will spoil the reality of the character. I am thrilled to be a part of this incredible movie that will take you on a journey you won't forget.

How did you land this film?
I have worked with Hemant (actor-director Hemwant Tiwari) earlier on the short film Salaam, which was written and directed by him. When he shared the idea of Lomad with me, I was amazed and intrigued. But it was all at a very nascent stage. Finally, when he narrated the entire story of the film, I readily agreed to be a part of this magical journey because I knew that we were going to make history. He had an exceptional vision, and it was an incredible journey.

What are you hoping people will notice most about the movie and your role in it?
Lomad is the world's first black-and-white single-take feature film. It is also the most award-winning single-take feature film. The film and my role have a lot of interesting layers. I am really looking forward to the audience's reaction to the interplay of my character with others in the film and the storyline.

What do you most enjoy about working on OTT?
I really love the way characters are written on OTT. They have their own importance and reason to exist. Also, the opportunities on OTT are endless.

What's been the most memorable experience of your acting journey so far?
I just enjoy being in front of the camera and hearing the word 'action'. That's my adrenaline rush, and it's always been the most memorable experience of my acting career.

How did you make your way into films?
The journey began with tapping my feet; it all began with dancing. It was during my graduation from Mount Carmel College in Bengaluru that I got my taste of acting by being a part of the dramatics club. And there has been no going back since. After that, I joined FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), and the rest, as they say, is history.

What’s been your experience working in different film industries? What challenges have you faced, and what differences have you noticed?
Every film has come with its own opportunities and challenges. And I have completely enjoyed going through each of the different experiences. Every film is a new chapter, and every character needs to be nurtured. I take the roles as they come, and I give each of them my all.

When you watch yourself on screen, are you usually critical of your performance or thrilled to see yourself?
It's a mixture of both. I am definitely excited and thrilled to see myself on screen. At the same time, I watch my performance closely to see where I could have done better so that I can learn from experience and evolve.

What is your dream role?
Any role that challenges me as an actor and takes me out of my comfort zone would be my dream role.

What projects do you have lined up in films and the OTT space?
My next project is a MX Player web series directed by Raj Amit Kumar. I also have an international feature film called The Shameless, directed by Konstantin Bojanov.

What are your passions aside from acting?
I love a lot of things, like dancing, swimming, travelling, reading, and adventure sports..

How would you describe yourself in one word?

Lomad also stars Parimal Aloke and Hemant Tiwari, who is also the writer and director of the film. It will be released in theatres on August 4.

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