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Maharani 3 – All you need to know about Huma Qureshi’s thrilling reign as the Queen of Bihar

Maharani 3 is releasing on OTT this month. Here is all you need to know and remember before bingeing on the third season of the political drama and social thriller.

Maharani 3 – All you need to know about Huma Qureshi’s thrilling reign as the Queen of Bihar

Huma Qureshi in a still from Maharani 3 

Last Updated: 06.17 PM, Mar 02, 2024


Huma Qureshi is back as the Maharani of Bihar for the third time. Maharani Season 3 is gearing up for an exciting premiere after an interesting trailer for the new season was released earlier this week. The new trailer, along with a recent recap reel, gives a clear picture of what to expect in Maharani 3.

Release date and trailer of Maharani 3

Created by Subhash Kapoor in 2021, Maharani streams on Sony LIV. The third season of Maharani will be released on OTT on March 7, right in time for International Women’s Day. Maharani follows the struggle of an ordinary, uneducated housewife, Rani Bharti, who has to take over her injured husband’s position as the CM of Bihar when an attempt is made on his life.

Recap of Maharani Season 2

Maharani Season 2 ended with the death of Bheema Bharti, Rani’s husband, on Holi, for which Rani Bharti was falsely framed. In the blink of an eye, Rani lost both her husband (albeit unfaithful) and her political position and landed in jail. Even her own son refuses to talk to her, his mother, whom he assumes is his father’s killer. As for Navin Kumar, he revels in his new-found political stronghold and Rani’s other enemies celebrate.

What to expect in Maharani Season 3?

Maharani Season 3 begins with an alert and wise Rani who has learned from her mistakes. Aware of her severe deficiency in education, Rani has begun fulfilling it in prison, giving exams and gathering knowledge in her arsenal. After all, if experience is aided by knowledge and shrewdness, the person gains ultimate power.


And Rani needs all the help she can get, especially when it comes to re-establishing her political empire. But when a surprise attack occurs on the lives of her children, Rani can keep quiet no longer. Now she must take bail and come out to face her enemies, ready for the battle of dirty politics and bullets to claim back what is her own.

With nobody but the faithful Kaveri and her daughter by her side, Rani will get down to business in Maharani 3, playing the game with her wits while her weaker opponents resort to needless bullets and chaos. Starring a talented returning cast featuring the popular likes of Amit Sial as Navin Kumar, Kani Kusruti as Kaveri, and Vineet Kumar as Gauri Shankar, among others, Maharani Season 3 is sure to raise quite a storm upon arrival.

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