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Manifest Season 4 to wind up with 10-episode Part 2

Will the mystery behind the disappearance of Montego Air Flight 828 while on its way from Jamaica to New York City finally be unraveled?

Manifest Season 4 to wind up with 10-episode Part 2
A poster of Manifest Season 4

Last Updated: 07.19 PM, May 30, 2023


On Friday, June 2, Netflix will present the second instalment of 10 episodes in the fourth and final season of Manifest – the show about a commercial airplane that disappears, only to emerge again five years in the future. While the near-and-dear ones of the passengers dealt with the grief of having lost family members, even though they had no concrete answers about what happened, for the 191 souls aboard the aircraft, these five years were only a few moments of mid-air turbulence.

Over three and a half seasons, the show has explored how life has been for the 828ers, all of who began to experience visions that they refer to as Callings, about specific incidents, which, when solved, tended to help people in distress. This, though, has not made the 828ers popular with a section of people, with a few perishing along the way. The main action of Manifest revolves around the Stone family – former teacher and now full-time Callings researcher Ben Stone, his sister, former NYPD detective Michaela, his son Cal, all three of who were on Flight 828, as well as Ben’s now late wife Grace and daughter Olive, who flew out on another aircraft from Jamaica.


June 2, as it turns out, is an integral part of the show as well. It’s when the 828ers are meant to die, albeit in 2024, unless, of course, they can figure out the mystery behind the death date and prevent it. But that is going to be a lot more difficult with the passengers now in a detention centre and villainous Angelina still out and about with the power of the Omega Sapphire in her.

When the show returns for its final run, the hope is that fans who have been religiously watching it and lobbied hard for it to get a fourth season will get answers to the burning question from Season 1 – what really happened during the turbulence on Flight 828? Are the passengers dead and in an alternate dimension? Is it really a divine presence that’s causing the Callings? Lot of questions and only 10 episodes to answer them all.

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