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Manjummel Boys, Bramayugam, Premalu: Stream the latest must-watch Malayalam films on OTT

Following a string of box office hits like Premalu, Manjummel Boys in recent months, Malayalam films seem  to be making the big screen experience tick.

Manjummel Boys, Bramayugam, Premalu: Stream the latest must-watch Malayalam films on OTT

List hai toh hit hai

Last Updated: 11.49 PM, May 06, 2024


In a world where theatrical releases across the country are struggling and even the critically-acclaimed ones are barely pulling through, there’s one industry that’s moving against the tide. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, following a string of box office hits in recent months, Malayalam films seem  to be making the big screen experience tick. As a matter of fact, films such as Premalu, The Goat Life, and Aavesham, which were released in 2024, have already entered the list of the top 10 highest-grossing Malayalam films of all time. But the show stopper in this list continues to be Manjummel Boys which raked in an unprecedented ₹242.3 crore, making it the highest-grossing Malayalam film in history. There have also been some lesser-known theatrical releases as well as direct-to-streaming releases that have garnered significant critical acclaim, elevating Malayalam films to a privileged league that stands tall over other regional industries including the Hindi film industry. Today’s List Hai Toh Hit Hai podcast offers you a list of the must-watch Malayalam films that truly celebrate the new era of Malayalam cinema.

Kaathal - The Core (Prime Video)

The first film on this list is the 2023 release  Kaathal - The Core, starring screen legend Mammootty in the lead. The film follows the life of Mathew, a retired bank secretary, who reluctantly ventures into politics during a local by-election, all set within the backdrop of a close-knit village community in Kerala. However, when his wife files for divorce, alleging that Mathew is gay, it sends shockwaves through the community. The narrative explores how the deeply conservative communities in Kerala perceive homosexuality, and how it impacts the lives of individuals who happen to come out about their alternative sexualities. Mammootty delivers one of his career-best performances alongside Tamil actress Jyothika in this Jeo Baby directorial. Kaathal - The Core will probably go down in history as one of the best Malayalam films ever made.


Bramayugam (OTTplay Premium)

Another Mammootty film makes this list and it is the eerie horror fantasy Bramayugam. Directed by Bhoothakaalam director Rahul Sadasivan, the film is a period horror that follows Thevan, a folk singer from the 17th century Malabar region of Kerala, who stumbles upon a mysterious mansion after narrowly escaping the clutches of slave traders and a ‘Yakshi’. The Lord of the mansion Kodumon Potti, played by Mammootty, welcomes the folk singer into the mansion. However, Thevan soon realises that the decaying mansion and its Lord are hiding a dark and sinister history. The film, shot in monochrome, garnered praise for its exploration of themes such as casteism, class disparity, greed, and power. Arjun Ashokan plays the role of Thevan, while Sidharth Bharathan plays another pivotal character as Kodumon Potti’s cook.

Manjummel Boys (Disney+ Hotstar)

The biggest commercial hit in Malayalam cinema history, Manjummel Boys, is the next one on this list. Helmed by Chidambaram S. Poduval, this 2024 smash hit is inspired by true events. It revolves around a group of friends from a small town called Manjummel who travel to Kodaikanal for a holiday. Their trip soon turns into a nightmare after one of them falls into the inescapable pit of the Guna Caves. The group decide to conduct a daring rescue operation to save their friend. The film stars an ensemble cast, which includes Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S. Poduval, Lal Jr., Deepak Parambol, Khalid Rahman, Arun Kurian, Shebin Benson, and Abhiram Radhakrishnan.

Falimy  (Disney+ Hotstar)

The next film on this list is the underrated comedy Falimy, directed by Nithish Sahadev. It tells the story of a family of self-centred individuals who embark on a trip to fulfil their grandfather's wish to travel to Varanasi for pilgrimage, partly to prevent him from frequently running away and partly to divert their attention from their own personal challenges. The film features a well-written comedy wrapped in a compelling story. Basil Joseph, Jagadish, and Manju Pillai play prominent roles in the film.

Premalu (Disney+ Hotstar and Telugu-dubbed version on OTTplay Premium)

The romantic-comedy Premalu has become one of the surprise hits of the year. The film has grossed nearly ₹136 crore and is also available in Telugu. Directed by Girish A. D, the heartwarming narrative follows a young college graduate named Sachin who decides to temporarily relocate to Hyderabad after facing a couple of setbacks — both personally and professionally. However, a chance meeting with a techie named Reenu in Hyderabad brings about unforeseen changes to his life. The film stars Naslen and Mamitha Baiju in lead roles with Sangeeth Prathap, Shyam Mohan, Meenakshi Raveendran, Akhila Bhargavan, and Althaf Salim in other pivotal roles.

Anweshippin Kandethum (Netflix)

Minnal Murali star Tovino Thomas plays the lead as a police officer who seeks redemption after being suspended due to an unfortunate turn of events. His character Anand Narayanan and his team are sent to a small hostile village to investigate an unsolved murder case. Directed by Darwin Kuriakose, the narrative examines the socio-political fabric of ‘90s Kerala through the lens of two gripping murder mysteries. Indrans, Siddique, Shammi Thilakan, Sadiq, Azees Nedumangad, and Baburaj play other prominent roles in the film.

Malaikottai Vaaliban (Disney+ Hotstar)

Visionary filmmaker Lijo Jose Pellissery teaming up with Mohanlal created much hype and anticipation when the news was announced. However, Pellissery’s unconventional style did not appeal to a wider audience when the Malaikottai Vaaliban hit theatres earlier this year. Despite being commercially unsuccessful, critics have praised the film’s theme and quirky screenplay. The period fantasy action film follows the daring adventures of a legendary warrior with near-mythical powers who becomes a hero thanks to his unwavering sense of justice. An ensemble cast of Sonalee Kulkarni, Hareesh Peradi, and Danish Sait among others join Mohanlal.

Well that's all for this episode of List hai toh hit hai, until the next one it's your host Nikhil signing out.

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Written by Ryan Gomez

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