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Mannara Chopra confirms receiving a long message from Parineeti Chopra after Bigg Boss 17 stint – everything that happened

Mannara Chopra had already received messages from Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Meera Chopra

Mannara Chopra confirms receiving a long message from Parineeti Chopra after Bigg Boss 17 stint – everything that happened

Last Updated: 06.21 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Mannara Chopra took people by surprise when she beat Ankita Lokhande to come in top three at Bigg Boss 17 grand finale. The actress ended up being the second runner-up of the show and made all of her sisters proud. While Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Meera Chopra had definitely messaged and checked up on her, Mannara revealed that she also received a long text message from Parineeti.

Mannara defends Parineeti initially

“Nobody knew I was going to Bigg Boss,” Mannara told Siddharth Kannan during their interview. She added that family discussions at the Chopra house are all about general topics over work topics. Since everyone in their family travels a lot, the family meets only for get-togethers.


Mannara was initially unaware about PeeCee’s support, got a long text from Parineeti

Mannara was not even aware that Priyanka supported her and got to know about it when the media asked her about the same after her exit from the show. After avoiding the question of Parineeti, Mannara accepted that she did get that long message from Parineeti. “We are very happy on your journey. This is to new beginnings,” Parineeti wrote in the message, as revealed by Mannara. The latter expressed gratitude for the message.

No response for social media

Mannara refused to answer people on social media who want to know why Parineeti did not support her throughout the journey. She asked them to contact Parineeti directly.

Mannara Chopra-Priyanka Chopra
Mannara Chopra-Priyanka Chopra

“I’ve been paving my own way”

“As sister-to-sister, I feel that whatever I am in life today, is because of my hardwork and genuine approach towards work. I have always been a fighter paving my own way and earning respect in the industry,” Mannara said, adding, “There’s no goss (gossip) about me.”

Mannara excited to know how Parineeti’s marital life is

Further talking about her expectations from family, Mannara explained that she wants love and respect. It is what she values and gets hurt when it goes missing with her family members. “I feel that with your hardwork, you find what is destined for you,” Mannara said, before getting back to the topic of Parineeti. Mannara wished her sister the best for marital life, since she could not be a part of the journey. Mannara was locked up in the Bigg Boss house soon after Parineeti got married to Raghav Chadha. Thus, Mannara wants to see how Parineeti looks like four months after her wedding.

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