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Mannara Chopra will meet Jigna Vora post Bigg Boss 17 grand finale for THIS reason

Mannara Chopra did not have the best equation with Jigna Vora on Bigg Boss 17

Mannara Chopra will meet Jigna Vora post Bigg Boss 17 grand finale for THIS reason

Last Updated: 11.08 PM, Jan 23, 2024


During their time on Bigg Boss 17, Mannara Chopra did not bond with Jigna Vora best. However, she is now remembering the former contestant. In fact, Mannara told Munawar Faruqui, Arun Mahashetty and Ankita Lokhande that she will go and meet Jigna after the show. It is to be noted that the grand finale of Bigg Boss 17 will take place on Sunday, January 28.

Mannara promises to meet Jigna

Mannara claimed that she will meet Jigna after the show comes to an end. She wants to go and meet her to have thepla prepared by Jigna. Mannara wants to have thepla and srikhand prepared by Jigna. The conversation began with Mannara demanding to eat thepla in the house because she has no idea when will she eat thepla again, once she is out of Bigg Boss 17. Munawar then guides Ankita on how to make the dish.

Munawar praises Jigna’s cooking

Munawar added that Jigna makes great achaar as well. “Jigna ji achaar vachaar bhi bahut crazy banaati thi,” Munawar told Mannara. The latter then feels that Jigna would have got a great acting opportunity and it is something she wanted to do anyway. Munawar then joked that Jigna would have got the role of achaar wali, making Ankita laugh and Mannara stop to understand what just happened.

Overthinking towards the end of the show

Mannara said that she has started overthinking even as the show comes to an end. This happened after she recalled how Jigna made her wear a lot of scarves and jewellery on the show. “Aana ke time jaisa lag raha tha, jaane ke time bhi utna crazy rehne wala hai,” Mannara was heard saying.

Jigna vs Mannara on the show

Interestingly, back when Jigna was a part of the show, Mannara refused to treat her with respect. She felt that Rinku Dhawan and Jigna were playing a game and treated them as contestants. Back then, Munawar pointed out that he respects them and that would not change because Mannara feels differently about them.

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