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Mansoor Ali Khan, The Ignorant — Opinion

It seems Mansoor Ali Khan truly fails to grasp the nature of the criticism he is facing from all corners of the country.

Mansoor Ali Khan, The Ignorant  — Opinion
Mansoor Ali Khan in Leo

Last Updated: 05.10 PM, Nov 22, 2023


Actor Mansoor Ali Khan is at the centre of a raging controversy following a series of extremely distasteful comments about Trisha . And on Tuesday he held a press conference to address the issue and give his clarification.

As I observed Mansoor during the press meet, it brought to mind a recent incident involving Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan on the current season of Bigg Boss Tamil. The ongoing season of Bigg Boss Tamil was rocked by the abrupt eviction of the popular contestant, Pradeep Antony.


Pradeep was accused of intimidating other contestants, especially women within the house. When given the opportunity to explain himself, Pradeep struggled to offer a coherent defence against the charges, attempting to justify his actions despite appearing flustered. Kamal intervened, instructing Pradeep to cease his explanation with a firm "It's enough," before proceeding with the eviction process.

Kamal faced criticism on social media for denying Pradeep the last opportunity to make his case, which was deemed by many as unjust. The following week, Kamal explained the reason behind his decision. "Every time I gave him the opportunity, instead of regretting his behaviour or explaining his actions, he kept on saying others have done more wrong than him. I also felt he would pile on more trouble for himself when he said that he has been talking like this since he was four and he won't change. That's the reason I asked him to stop," Kamal said, suggesting that preventing Pradeep from speaking further was a favour.

Pradeep Antony was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil season 7.
Pradeep Antony was evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil season 7.

Mansoor's comments reeks of ignorance

Unfortunately, the controversial press conference featuring Mansoor lacked a mediator willing to extend such leniency. Mansoor piled on more trouble for himself by making more inflammatory comments, seemingly unconcerned about the repercussions. And he seemed to be enjoying all the media attention he has received since the wake of this controversy.

As Kamal highlighted in Pradeep's situation, Mansoor exhibited neither remorse nor a reasonable explanation for his inappropriate comments about Trisha. Instead, he staunchly stood by his opinions, questioning the credibility of those criticizing him.

It seems Mansoor truly fails to grasp the nature of the criticism he is facing from all corners of the country . His ignorance is evident, as he seems oblivious to the societal shifts catalyzed by global movements such as Times' Up and #MeToo.

Mansoor Ali Khan in the soup over remarks on Trisha
Mansoor Ali Khan in the soup over remarks on Trisha

Not only is Mansoor unaware of his own ignorance, but he seems to be also not open to learning the new world order. Consequently, his words and jokes come across as relics and outright offensive.

With an air of unwarranted confidence, Mansoor posed a question: "Do you think that we actually depict rape in rape scenes in movies?." This confidence seemed rooted in the assumption that everyone else is a fool, while he alone possesses a superior understanding. It was almost as if he was implying, "Can't you grasp this straightforward logic in this?"

Here's what Mansoor said about Trisha: "They (filmmakers) are not letting me do rape scenes. I was really hopeful when I knew that I was acting with Trisha. I thought, aha, there must be ‘bedroom’ scenes."

Now, what's wrong with this? A lot. So let's make a quick list.

Firstly, it suggests that 'doing rape scenes' is considered a perk for an actor, especially one known for portraying villainous roles.

Secondly, it downplays the severity of a heinous crime like rape, showing insensitivity towards survivors who have endured such trauma.

Thirdly, it implies that Mansoor finds satisfaction in performing scenes depicting extreme violence against women.

Fourthly, Mansoor seems to think that trivializing rape and making jokes about it can appeal to the lowest common denominator among his fans.

The list can go on.

A changing landscape for offensive comments

There is a silver lining to this whole controversy. Mansoor's comments a few years ago may not have even made headlines. But, today, such comments can lead to legal consequences and career upheaval. This shift reflects a growing intolerance for profanity, sparking discussions that act as a deterrent against making derogatory comments directed at women.

Mansoor exhibits the symptoms of deep-rooted malaise in our society and collective mindset. He is a product of his time, and his words offer insight into an era when conditions for women were more unequal.

However, Mansoor is not the cause but a victim of this mindset. His lack of willingness to expand his worldview and adapt to the changing times reflects ignorance. It's perhaps because he cannot hog headlines and prime-time news slots by being sensitive.

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