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March 2023 Week 3 OTT movies, web series India releases: From Rocket Boys 2, Vaathi to Black Adam, Kuttey

In the third week of March 2023, there will be a lot of Japanese, English, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Telugu, Bengali, and Tamil movies and TV shows coming out on OTT platforms.

March 2023 Week 3 OTT movies, web series India releases: From Rocket Boys 2, Vaathi to Black Adam, Kuttey
Black Adam; Vaathi; Rocket Boys Season 2; Kuttey

Last Updated: 02.07 PM, Mar 15, 2023


In the third week of March 2023, the wait finally gets over as the second season of Rocket Boys premieres on SonyLIV. Most interestingly, Black Adam is getting its OTT premiere on Prime Video. On the other hand, even Kuttey will drop onto Netflix after its theatrical run. The Dhanush starrer Vaathi, aka Sir, is also releasing on Netflix this week.

Find out more about the titles coming out in the third week of March 2023 below: 

Agent Elvis - March 17 (Netflix)

This ten-episode Netflix adult animated series from Sony Pictures Animation stars Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley and follows Elvis as he lives a second life as a secret spy. In this adult animated comedy, Elvis trades in his jumpsuit for a jetpack and joins a secret spy operation to stop criminals from destroying the world.

Ariyoshi Assists - March 14 (Netflix)

Bursting with showmanship! The craziest variety program, full of unexpected events and a strong sense of humour. Netflix has teamed up with Kazuaki Hashimoto, the creator of "Ariyoshi no Kabe" and "Ariyoshi Zemi," to deliver a significant Netflix comedy project! Ariyoshi is typically the host, but this time he allows a revolving cast of celebrities to be the show's MC while claiming the position of bewildered assistant. Hiroiki Ariyoshi, host of various TV shows, acts as an assistant on 10 variety shows presented by a diverse group of 10 guests, including musical artists and professional athletes. Seasoned comedians, including both veterans and up-and-comers, engage in these performances and attempt the numerous parts offered by the MCs, all while trying to land jokes about the strange set-ups that Ariyoshi suddenly throws at them.

Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle - March 14 (Netflix)

Razzle Dazzle, Bert Kreischer's latest Netflix special, is a hilarious stand-up performance about bodily fluids, his kids making fun of him, and the explosive conclusion to his family's trip to an escape room. The special was shot at Omaha, Nebraska's Orpheum Theater. Bert, as shameless — and naked — as ever, spills the beans about bodily discharges, being bullied by his children, and the dramatic conclusion to his family's escape room adventure.

Black Adam - March 15 (Prime Video)

Black Adam (Johnson) has risen from the dead about 5,000 years after the ancient gods bestowed him with great powers and immediately imprisoned him, and he is prepared to bring his own brand of justice to the contemporary world.

Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket - March 17 (Netflix)

Indian investigators have found the biggest match-fixing scandal in the history of international cricket.

Dance 100 - March 17 (Netflix)

In this big street dance competition put on by Ally Love, eight dancers with a lot of experience will try to prove that they are the next big star choreographer. The contestants have to come up with, organize, and take part in group dance performances that will get bigger and bigger as the competition goes on. They will do this with 100 of the best dancers in the world, known as the Dance 100. After each performance, the Dance 100 members will have the chance to be kicked off, and at the end, only one will be named the next superstar choreographer. For eight choreographers to earn $100,000, they have to make more complicated dance routines for a growing number of professional dancers who also serve as judges.

Dom Season 2 - March 17 (Prime Video)

Pedro Dom (Gabriel Leone), a hot thief, becomes Rio de Janeiro's most wanted criminal. After being locked up, he is surrounded by crimes and plots, so the only way for him to stay alive is to give up his real name and live as someone else.

Extrapolations - March 17 (Apple TV+)

Extrapolations is a tense drama written, directed, and produced by Scott Z. Burns that depicts a near future in which the unpredictable impacts of climate change have been imbedded in our daily lives. Eight intertwined stories from around the world about love, work, faith, and family will examine the intimate, life-altering choices that must be made when the earth is changing faster than the people. Every narrative is unique, but the struggle for our future is common. Now, with humanity's fate on the line, the conflict between courage and complacency has never been more pressing. Are we courageous enough to become our own undoing before it's too late?

In His Shadow - March 17 (Netflix)

After their father died, two half brothers have a fight that could set everything on fire and have terrible results.

Kuttey - March 16 (Netflix)

A van transporting crores of rupees. One rainy night on the outskirts of Bombay, ignorant of one another, three wayward gangs meet paths on the search. Sadly, they all share the same idea. Bullets. Blood. Betrayal. Everyone is out for himself... All of the dogs are pursuing the same bone. Would these dogs bite the bone or succumb to greed?

Maestro in Blue - March 17 (Netflix)

A singer goes to a beautiful island to run a music festival. While there, he meets an unexpected person and gets involved in other people's problems.

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story - March 15 (Netflix)

This documentary looks at Pornhub's successes and problems by talking to performers, activists, and people who used to work there.

Noise - March 17 (Netflix)

Julia is a mother, or more accurately, Julia is one of many moms, sisters, daughters, and coworkers in a region at war with its wife who have been hurt in different ways. Julia looks for her daughter Ger by making connections with other women and learning about their problems.

Pop Kaun? - March 17 (Disney+ Hotstar)

Pop Kaun, the best comedy series of the year, is brought to you by Disney+ Hotstar and acclaimed filmmaker and creator Farhad Samji. Get ready for the best comedy experience ever. This Yam Productions-produced series aims to combine the top comedians for a hilarious, enjoyable viewing.

Rocket Boys Season 2 - March 16 (SonyLIV)

The tale of Rocket Boys 2 takes place during the early years of independent India, when the nation is experiencing political unrest, power shifts within the nation, and foreign organisations keeping a careful eye on the nation's aspirations. The series is an exciting account of the extraordinary lives and times of Drs. Homi J. Bhabha, Vikram Sarabhai, and A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as they navigated obstacles in their quest to turn India into a nuclear power.

Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu - March 17 (aha Video)

Jagadeesh's character, Sathi, is in desperate need of money for his daughter's heart operation. Sathi hopes to sell two acres of his field in addition to his car. With a murder, the plan is turned on its head. Then, the next day, Sathi stole the money. Who was the murderer? Questions like "And who is the victim?" and others heighten the tension.

Seven - March 17 (ZEE5)

On their way to a hill station, five friends from various backgrounds come across a vehicle accident, a body, a bag of cash, and a pistol. What will their greed for cash get them into?

Shadow & Bone Season 2 - March 16 (Netflix)

To have a chance against General Kirigan and his new army, which seems unbeatable, Alina Starkov and Mal Oretsev gather their own powerful new allies and go on a quest across an entire continent to find two legendary animals that will boost her powers. A chance at a lethal theft back in Ketterdam puts the Crows back into conflict with the fabled Sun Summoner. When Alina and Mal are on the run after their fight with Kirigan and are looking for more legendary amplifiers, they meet new people and have to make hard choices.

Sky High: The Series - March 17 (Netflix)

Sole does not want to be anyone's daughter or widow, even though Angel is no longer with us. To get where she wants to go, she is prepared to command her own gang. whatever the price. The series tells the tale that transpires after the movie. Sole determines that becoming a crime boss is the best course of action once her husband passes away, even though doing so makes her her father's adversary.

Still Time - March 16 (Netflix)

Dante (Edoardo Leo) and Alice (Beatrice Ronchi) are a devoted couple. Dante is a tenacious worker, whereas Alice is a struggling artist. Dante's life rhythms put their relationship to the test, as he discarded his current and vital moments in order to have all the time in the world in the future. But what happens when he wakes up the next day to find himself in a time loop in which every day represents a year of his life? Will he be able to realise the value of time before his life breaks apart? Era Ora is a romantic comedy about a lovely trip that we should cherish more: time.

The Magician’s Elephant - March 17 (Netflix)

Peter is looking for his long-lost sister, and when he meets a fortune teller in the market square, he has just one question: is his sister still alive? The answer he got was that he had to find a strange elephant and the magician who could make it appear. This sent Peter on a dangerous journey to do three seemingly impossible tasks that would change his community forever and take him on the adventure of a lifetime.

Vaathi - March 17 (Netflix)

A young guy is having a terrible time fighting the commercialization of education.

Writer Padmabhushan - March 17 (ZEE5)

Padmabhushan, a 25-year-old aspiring writer from Vijayawada, and his middle-class family take us on a roller coaster trip full of harmless fun and tender feelings, with their hearts in the right place.

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