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Marry My Husband – What! Na In-woo warns Lee Yi-kyung for being a jerk to Park Min-young?

Marry My Husband is currently the most searched romantic show on Google, which left behind My Demon since its release on January 1, 2024

Marry My Husband – What! Na In-woo warns Lee Yi-kyung for being a jerk to Park Min-young?

Marry My Husband

Last Updated: 08.44 PM, Feb 04, 2024


Since its premiere on January 1, 2024, Park Min-young's Marry My Husband has become an online sensation within no time. It's no surprise that the K-Drama currently reigns supreme as the #1 romantic show on Google, dethroning Song Kang's chart-topper My Demon. Following the footsteps of Song Hye-kyo's hit drama The Glory (2022), Marry My Husband keeps viewers enthralled with its unexpected twists and turns in each episode, creating a captivating tale of revenge.

Marry My Husband Episode 11 and 12 release dates on Prime Video

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Episodes 11 and 12 on February 5 and 6, Na In-woo, the actor who portrays the beloved Yoo Ji-hyuk, has shared some interesting insights into his character. The character Yoo Ji-hyuk has captured the hearts of many viewers, especially female fans, with his portrayal of a kind, supportive, and dependable leading man or you can say, the greenest flag ever. In-woo's thoughts on the character offer a unique perspective and promise to further charm Yoo Ji-hyuk to fans.

Know Na In-woo's secrets exclusively through Pinkvilla

Recently Na In-woo spilled some beans to Pinkvilla in an exclusive interview. While talking about his connection with Lee Yi-kyung, who played the cheater boyfriend Park Min-Hwan, Na In-woo shared that behind the screen, Yi-kyung is like a sibling to him. In-woo just couldn't stop praising his co-star! He kept saying that Yi-kyung is like the ‘life of the party' kind of person. Fun loving, always cracking up jokes, making everyone laugh, very charming quality he has, which is absolutely the opposite of his character Min-hwan.


How did Na In-woo warn Lee Yi-kyung?

In a surprising twist, Na In-woo revealed he jokingly, yet strongly warned his co-star, Lee Yi-kyung, to avoid replicating or following his character Park Min-hwan’s behaviour in real life. This lighthearted exchange highlights the actors' dedication to their roles and the playful atmosphere on set.

Na In-woo's dream

Na In-woo also revealed that he has never played a role like Yoo Ji-hyuk. He admitted it's totally unfamiliar for him, and even he finds it surprising that the drama has brought him such amazing fans. Meeting each and every one of them around the world? Now that's his ultimate dream.

Na In-woo's other dramas

If you have been charmed by the romantic side of Na In-woo in Marry My Husband, then look no further! This rising star also captivated audiences as the leading man in the fantasy romance Jinxed at First (2022), and side roles in Mr. Queen (2020) and River Where the Moon Rises (2022).

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