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Martin: Dhruva Sarja fans to get an update on Ganesh Chaturthi? Uday K Mehta answers...

Martin producer Uday K Mehta spoke about the development of the pan-India project at a recent press conference in Bengaluru

Martin: Dhruva Sarja fans to get an update on Ganesh Chaturthi? Uday K Mehta answers...
Dhruva Sarja and AP Arjun

Last Updated: 03.15 PM, Sep 11, 2023


Fans of Dhruva Sarja are probably expecting a major 'Martin' update to come their way and the film's producer Uday K Mehta has a message to share with them in this vein. At a recent press conference held in Bengaluru, the producer spoke at length about the film's development and also its theatrical release, considering that the team has deferred on a set date twice already in the past.

"We are in the process of completing the shoot and we are already working towards a tentative date. But I cannot commit to anything at the moment because I wouldn't want to announce and not keep my word," said Uday K Mehta at the press conference.

Not very long ago, it emerged that Martin is set to release on December 22 to set up a clash with Yuva Rajkumar's debut film Yuva. But the makers of the former are yet to share a formal word on the same and in the same vein, one hears that Hombale Films and Santhosh Ananddram are eyeing a March 2024 release for their film.

Can we expect a Martin update this Ganesh Chaturthi?

Sandalwood fans are keenly looking forward to all the major updates that are likely to drop this Gowri-Ganesha festival, particularly those concerning Yash 19 and Challenging Star Darshan's Kaatera. Real Star Upendra very recently confirmed that as expected, the maiden teaser of his film 'UI' is set to release on September 18. So, can we expect an update of some kind regarding Martin? Uday K Mehta answers:

"We do not plan on releasing any update this Ganesh Chaturthi but we will wrap up the shoot very soon. After that, we will share timely updates".

At the same press conference, he also said that the shooting of the title song of Martin will begin on September 16 and this will followed by a duet song. There's also a party song in the mix which, he says, will be shot in due time. AP Arjun & Co have already completed the shooting of an item number which will feature Giorgia Andriani.

"Audiences will feel proud to call Martin a Kannada film"

Uday K Mehta also spoke about the delay in the release of his film and attributed that to the heavy-duty CGI work that's gone in. Sharing that close to 6-7 months were spent on the VFX of the climax alone, he added that the film's action, in particular, will leave everyone amazed and would acknowledge the contribution of action choreographers Ravi Varma and Ram-Laxman. 

"What you see normally on the screen when it comes to actions and stunts, I believe we have taken things up a notch. It makes me proud as a producer to see that output on the screen. The audience, too, will feel proud to see something like that in a Kannada film," he says.

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