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Mary and George- release date, OTT partner, cast, trailer and more

Mary and George is an upcoming period drama that traces the true story of an ambitious woman's rise up the ranks, with dreams of controlling the King's bed using her beautiful second son.

Mary and George- release date, OTT partner, cast, trailer and more

Last Updated: 11.09 PM, Dec 03, 2023


Sky Studios and Starz are bringing a dark and dangerous period drama to the OTT, by partnering up to bring Mary and George, a seven-episode mini-series. Based off the 2017 non-fiction work of Benjamin Woolley, titled The King’s Assassin, the story follows the rise of Mary Villiers, as she uses her wit and feminine wiles to carve her path through the English court to arrive at its very center, the King.

Cast and Crew of Mary and George

Directed by Oliver Hermanus, Alex Winckler, and Florian Cossen, the period drama is produced by Hera Pictures. Mary and George stars Julianne Moore as Mary Villiers, Nicholas Galitzine as George, Tony Curran as King James I, Nicola Walker as Lady Hatton, Niamh Algar as Sandie, Trine Dyrholm as Queen Anne and Sean Gilder as Sir Thomas Compton.

Plot of Mary and George

Sky Atlantic synopsized, “Mary and George is inspired by the unbelievable true story of Mary Villiers, who molded her beautiful and charismatic son, George, to seduce King James VI of Scotland and I of England and become his all-powerful lover. Through outrageous scheming, the pair rose from humble beginnings to become the richest, most tiled and influential players the English court had ever seen, and the King’s most trusted advisors.”

The synopsis continued by explaining the high stakes and political turmoil of the age, with Spain challenging England’s place in the world and rioters publicly denouncing the king. Scheming, ruthless, and persistent, Mary does everything from marrying for convenience to bribing to collaborating with criminals to make sure that their rise through the ranks and privilege remains consistent.

The synopsis concluded, “Mary & George is a dangerously daring historical psychodrama about an outrageous mother and son who schemed, seduced, and killed to conquer the court of England and the bed of King James.”

Trailer, Release Date, and OTT Partner of Mary and George

The teaser trailer for Mary and George was dropped November 16, 2023. Though a release date has not been assigned yet to the series, it will be premiering sometime in 2024 on Sky Atlantic and Starz.

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