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MasterChef India season 7: Netizens troll judges again for praising Aruna Vijay's ordinary-looking dish

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MasterChef India season 7: Netizens troll judges again for praising Aruna Vijay's ordinary-looking dish

MasterChef India season 7

Last Updated: 09.52 PM, Mar 01, 2023


MasterChef India season 7 is being loved by the audience due to the extraordinary challenges and the unique talent that each of the home cooks brings from different parts of the country. 

The latest season is garnering praise but is also gathering some attention due to the recent controversies that have occurred due to Aruna Vijay, a contestant from Chennai. Earlier, netizens called out the star chefs due to their evident bias, while now they are condemning the three judges for praising Aruna's ordinary dish on the show. 

Last week, the judges of MasterChef India season 7 were called out on social media for their biases towards Aruna. During the first immunity pin challenge, the home cook refused to cook and participated in the prestigious task as she got eggs as one of the important ingredients. 

Following that, during the second immunity pin challenge, all the contestants got fish as the base ingredient in the protein option. Without even discussing it with other home cooks, Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna and Garima Arora allowed Aruna to cook with paneer instead of fish. However, a few weeks ago, judges did not give this option to Priya Vijan, who was a vegan by choice. 

The audience linked both events and find it completely biased on the judges' part as they supported Aruna in her decision and gave her a second but not Priya.

Meanwhile, recently during a black apron challenge, reviewers were seen giving hard time to Priyanka and Nayanjyoti, while praising Aruna's simple-looking dish.

One of the Twitter users called out the favouritism by the judges and tweeted, "Can somebody just explain me what's eye-catchty about this dish? Because I didn't find anything like that.... I knew her dish is getting in top 3 dishes How is she getting safe every week I wonder.... (sic)."

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