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MasterChef India Season 7: Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, Garima Arora give contestants a 'happy surprise'

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MasterChef India Season 7: Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, Garima Arora give contestants a 'happy surprise'

MasterChef India Season 7

Last Updated: 03.08 PM, Mar 01, 2023


All the contestants in Masterchef India represent different parts of the country through their dishes. Meanwhile, they also explore their strength and innovation in cooking. Recently, home cook Shanta won the star chefs' hearts with her traditional Gorkha dish. The judges are known to give tough challenges to the contestants, but this time they have given a happy surprise. The makers have revealed a teaser video of the upcoming episode that sees the home cooks having emotional times in the show.

The teaser begins with chef Garima remembering the first dish of the contestants and telling them how special they were. "Somewhere your audition dishes were inspired by the food of your communities and the flavours of your family."

Moving on, Ranveer reminisces how Suvarna gave an honest yet funny reply during the auditions. "I remember Suvarna Ji, when Chef Vikas (Khanna) asked you that, when you present such tasty food to your family then what they do and you simply replied that they eat," said the star chef, while Vikas mentioned that he will never forget that reply. 

Ranveer further mentioned, "Our families love us a lot but some express their love loudly, while some of them just smile. And sometimes they express their love just by eating. But, I can give you all a guarantee that all your families are proud of you."

After some time, the chefs announced that today all the contestants will have to cook their dishes with a special ingredient and they will have different ones from the other.

As soon as they call someone to bring the ingredients, the family member of each contestant arrives from the back door. The home cooks get hugely surprised and emotional.

The makers dropped the latest video with a special caption on YouTube that reads, "MasterChef India takes a deep dive into the heart of Indian cuisine as home cooks are tasked with showcasing the best of the country's vibrant flavors and tastes. With celebrity chef Kunal Kapur leading the way, who will rise to the top of this flavourful challenge? (sic)."

Watch the video:


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