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Matka King announcement - Vijay Varma joins hands with Nagraj Manjule with a series on a cotton trader turned kingpin

Vijay Varma-starring Matka King chronicles a tale of legitimacy and respect in 1960s Mumbai.

Matka King announcement - Vijay Varma joins hands with Nagraj Manjule with a series on a cotton trader turned kingpin
Vijay Varma; Matka King

Last Updated: 03.39 PM, Mar 19, 2024


Vijay Varma is unstoppable and is continuing his streak by being a part of projects where he takes on never-seen-before characters. Following Dahaad, the actor is back on Prime Video with Nagraj Manjule's series, Matka King. The announcement was made at the Prime Video Presents event being held in Mumbai. 

Overview of Matka King series

The series takes place in 1960s Mumbai and follows the rise of a cotton dealer named Matka, who, in his pursuit of respect and legitimacy, launches a new gambling game that becomes wildly popular and democratises a previously exclusive domain.

Check out the announcement below:

Roy Kapur Films produces Matka King, with Siddharth Roy Kapur, Nagaraj Manjule, Gargi Kulkarni, Ashish Aryan, and Ashwini Sidwani serving as producers. Abhay Koranne and Nagraj Manjule write the screenplay, while Nagraj Manjule directs the series.

Historical context and inspiration for Matka King

Matka King appears to be based on the story of Ratan Khetri, an early pioneer in the gambling industry. He established a nationwide illicit gambling network that persisted for decades under his rule by turning the game Matka into the biggest betting racket.

To entice participants, he proposed using made-up products. He put the numbered chits in an earthen pot. He announced the winners after randomly selecting the chits. In the 1980s, when the matka industry was booming, monthly wagers may have approached Rs. 500 crore. The fact that the customers allegedly did the card opening in Khatri's presence lends credibility to his wagers. During the emergency period, he was facing a 19-month prison sentence.

Anticipation for Vijay Varma's role in Matka King

This has definitely led to excitement to see Vijay in this role, as the actor has left an impressive mark by playing characters with grey shades and acing it perfectly. Yet to unveil the rest of the cast and the first look for Matka King has left the audience in suspense.

Prime Video has also not set the premiere date.

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