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Maya, Glitch, Teaspoon: 6 Voot short films you should watch for a quick dose of entertainment

Have a look at OTTplay's best picks for short films on Voot.

Jul 01, 2021
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Short films exemplify what they describe as 'chhota packet bada dhamaka.' Packed with entertainment and impressive messages within a short span of time, some short films can have a long-lasting impact on you. Precise and sometimes filled with unexpected turns, you never where a short film takes you.

Voot Shortcuts provides an array of short films curated carefully to keep you entertained. Perfect for a quick watch between breaks, these stories are refreshing and unique. Leaving you surprised at how precisely filmmakers can send across a message in less than 20 mins, these short films are something you shouldn't miss out on.

Here are some of our best picks for short films you should watch on Voot:


Taking you through the ups and downs of a mother-daughter relationship is the short film, Maya. The story of a daughter who has found her perfect partner after falling in love with him and plans to get married and her mother who has just one condition, to stay with her even after her marriage. What turn does their relationship take? Watch the short film to find out.


On The Road

This Malayalam short film gets spookier by the minute. The story revolves around Arvind who is driving through an isolated road when the night starts getting scarier. On the phone, talking to Arvind is his friend who is narrating the script for his film and Arvind begins experiencing the bizarre details of the script in reality. Giving you goosebumps, this short film cannot be skipped.



The short film is just not for tattoo lovers. Revolving around the story of Anthony, a guy who ends up paying a hefty price for deceiving the mysterious man he got inked from, the short film has an eerie vibe to it. Igniting a fear of tattoos in you, the film will legit scare you from getting a tattoo from any mysterious man.



A sci-fi story that is emotional to watch, Glitch revolves around a 12-year old boy who can time travel. The boy finds out that if he is able to work with a glitch in time, he can prevent the fights between his parents and also a crime from taking place. Winning you over will be a 12-year old kid walking in his undies while his parents fight.


Ishq Ki Googly

A young man discovers that he's been cheated on by his girlfriend. To avenge the betrayal, the guy comes up with a plan to take his girlfriend's lover on a road trip and kill him. However, plans often fail when the time comes for execution and that's exactly what happens with the heartbroken man. Will he be able to take his revenge or is there something else in store?



This short film is packed with twists and turns that will fuel your intrigue throughout. The story is centred around Kavita, a housewife who lives with her husband and a bedridden father-in-law. Kavita's father-in-law needs her assistance for everything he does and has a unique way of calling her whenever he needs her, by tapping a teaspoon. The sound of the teaspoon goes from being irritating to angering to unbearable for Kavita, making her take steps that she shouldn't have.

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