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Mein ending explained – Will Zaid, Ayra and Mubashira set aside their ego to save their relationships

Mein ending explained – Badar Mehmood's romantic drama features the sizzling love trio of Ayeza, Wahaj, and Azekah 

Mein ending explained – Will Zaid, Ayra and Mubashira set aside their ego to save their relationships
Mein drama stills

Last Updated: 07.44 PM, May 27, 2024


Directed by Badar Mehmood and starring Ayeza Khan and Wahaj Ali, Mein made a remarkable impression among viewers. This romantic drama comprises 32 episodes and secured a position in the top dramas of 2023 for its captivating characters and unique narrative of a quest for oneself within oneself. The sizzling love trio of Ayeza, Wahaj, and Azekah stirred conversations as fans rooted for the leads to have a happy ending.

Mein plot

The plot of Mein revolves around the elite protagonists Zaid and Mubashira, who both belong to the upper class, and their fates get intertwined by a forced marriage after their hearts are shattered by the people they once loved.

The initial episodes showcase both Zaid and Mubashira living their different lives. Despite their contrasting perspectives on life and society, one thing that binds them together is that they both take great pride in their individuality. While Zaid deeply loves Ayra in spite of their huge class differences, Mubashira is a self-centered and egoistic woman who belittles her husband often. On her third anniversary, Mubashira gets an unexpected divorce as their anniversary gift. This angers her, as she can’t bear the humility and disrespect, and challenges her father to find a quick match for her.

Meanwhile, Zaid’s love story takes a dark turn when his rich but immoral father hatches a plan to separate the lovebirds by emotionally blackmailing Ayra’s only brother and father figure. In a twist of fate, Zaid and Mubashira, along with their siblings, get married to each other, as per the wish of their fathers, who are also best friends.


In a series of constant twists and turns, the series touches on various themes of jealousy, rage, drug addiction, power struggle, sibling rivalry, and immorality. When Zaid marries Ayra in his second marriage, he often faces the dilemma of doing justice to both his wives. However, his scheming father keeps hatching plans to throw Ayra out and even threatens her brother, which results in his untimely demise.

Mein ending

In the last episode, Mein delivers an unconventional, open ending that leaves fans guessing whether they want to embrace the unique ending or choose to imagine their own scenarios. The final episode 32 showcases a furious Zaid confronting his immoral father for all the injustice he did to Ayra and why he crossed all limits for his societal hypocrisy and selfishness. He comes to his house with the police and gets his brother-in-law and Mubashira’s brother arrested for his atrocities. He also learns the shocking truth about his father capturing Ayra when he was away and torturing both Ayra and her family. He also degrades Mubashira for her selfishness and shady personality, which put everything at risk, even their relationship.

The final episode reflects on the main theme of the drama, which is centered on the quest or inner search for oneself. While Zaid learns the truth that his evil father was responsible for all the misunderstandings between him and Ayra, he is left alone. Despite living with two wives, the ending showcases Zaid standing on a cruise and thinking about the battle between Mein (self) and ego and how there is only a slight difference between the two. While one focuses on individuality and dignity, the other’s (ego) win shatters multiple lives.   Ayra also lets her ego take the front seat, and she refuses to forgive Zaid for not being able to protect her and asks him to leave her alone. While Mubashira learns the important lesson of love and sacrifice, but it is probably too late to save their marriage.

Ego vs self

Mubashira had the best character arc throughout the drama, as she literally turned from an evil, self-centered woman to a decent person after falling in love with Zaid. Similarly, the end also highlights a major change in Zaid’s father, Asif, as he is left alone in the end. In a desperate attempt, he ironically invites one of his servants to eat with him and talks to him with kindness. He is left all alone in the big house, and neither his son nor his daughter accepts him and choose to leave their toxic father and lavish house.

Mein narrates the complexities of human relationships as power influence, and societal differences take over. The drama is currently streaming on YouTube.

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