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Michael Waldron once again gets hired by Marvel as screenwriter for Kang Dynasty

Loki is currently one of the most loved Marvel superheroes, after releasing the Season 2 in October. The first Season was created by Michael Waldron

Michael Waldron once again gets hired by Marvel as screenwriter for Kang Dynasty

Michael Waldron, Loki

Last Updated: 04.55 AM, Nov 28, 2023


Michael Waldron is famous for his works in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Loki Season 1. Now given the immense success of his previous works, it's been reported by Deadline that Michael Waldron has been tapped to write both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. Waldron's talent and ability to craft compelling narratives have made him a trusted creative mind within Marvel Studios. With his expertise, Waldron will undoubtedly deliver two exceptional instalments that will further solidify the Marvel Cinematic Universe's position as a global phenomenon.

The Marvels box office

Marvel Studios' latest film, The Marvels, which was released on November 10, made a disappointing performance at the global box office. Despite its critical acclaim and the huge popularity of South Korean star Park Seo-Joon, this latest film has struggled to reach $200 million worldwide, suggesting a shift in consumer preferences.

Moviegoers seem to be tired of the superhero genre, and even Marvel, the once-unstoppable juggernaut, is not immune to this trend. The changing landscape of entertainment, with the rise of streaming platforms and at-home viewing options, further challenges the appeal of traditional cinema. While The Marvels may not deserve the harsh criticism it has received, its underwhelming box office performance reflects a broader shift in the entertainment industry.

Waldron's upcoming Marvel films' release date

Currently Averages: The Kang Dynasty is slated to release on May 1, 2026, and Avengers: Secret Wars on May 7, 2027.

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